Essential Web Tools For Job Seekers

There are many tools that are available online and in your smartphone’s app store that can make the job search process easier for you. From finding job openings to getting a reminder for interview follow-ups, these tools can make job seeking more convenient and streamlined. The following are online resources that we recommend: 1. JOB… Read more »

Recruiter: Job Seekers’ Friend or Foe?

With thousand of recruiters out there, how will you decide which one is best for your job search? Top Resume, an organization that helps job seekers create eye-catching resumes, listed the following key areas that can identify a good recruiter from a poor one: Communication Friend – This may seem basic, but you want to… Read more »

Tips For A Successful Phone Interview

Everyone is busy. This is even more true for hiring managers and HR managers who have to sift through piles of resumes to find suitable candidates (in addition to doing their jobs). This is why the phone interview has become the default first step in the candidate screening process. Hiring managers don’t want to waste… Read more »

2017: The Year of the Informed Candidate

In 2017, companies are adopting recruiting techniques that are making the hiring process more efficient by adding salary and cultural transparency to their job postings for applicants to see. Having the information upfront help candidates decide whether or not the job is a better fit for their career goals and therefore, narrow the pool of… Read more »

Let Go From Your Engineer Job? 5 Things You Should Do Immediately

Whether or not you expected the news, hearing you’ve been fired is never a pleasant experience. Fortunately, you can begin taking steps immediately to position yourself for a new job opportunity. Here are five things you should do as soon as you hear you’re being let go from an engineering job: Tie up any loose… Read more »

How Do Engineers Jump From One Industry To Another?

As many research and news media have said, the current job market is hot. More and more mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineers are taking advantage of this by exploring options within multiple industries. But how to make the jump from one industry to another? Here’s a blog post from, a website where members of… Read more »

How to Prepare for Multiple Engineering Job Interviews

Landing the interview is a major milestone in the job search process. When a company is genuinely interested in you and your work, however, you’ll rarely participate in only one interview. Instead, you’ll communicate with the organization multiple times in various interview formats—and you’ll need a distinct set of tactics for each. Here are tips… Read more »

Playing to Win: Professional Development Strategies for Engineers

Engineering is a competitive field, and like most professional fields, it is susceptible to the vagaries of economic fluctuation. Consequently, engineers who focus on professional development position themselves to weather challenges and seize opportunities more effectively than their colleagues. Here are several ways to integrate professional development into your engineering career: Understand the business, not… Read more »

Technical Questions Hiring Managers Ask In Interviews

Job interview questions will differ based on the interviewer’s preference, but for technical positions such as Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineers, hiring managers tend to be creative so that they can better target the skills and expertise they are looking for in a candidate. Here are some examples of those out-of-the-box technical interview questions: 1…. Read more »

Attending an Engineer Industry Event? 6 Essential Things You Must Do

Industry events offer excellent opportunities to network, discover new job opportunities, and learn more about the trends and research that are shaping the future of engineering.  To get the most out of an engineering event, add these essential tasks to your to-do list: Prepare your “sound bite.” Before the day of the event, prepare to… Read more »