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Custom engineering contract staffing and direct hire recruiting solutions.

Flexible Engineering Staffing And Recruiting Services

Competition in the manufacturing industry is fierce, and access to engineering talent is critical for success. SoloPoint Solutions, one of the leading technical staffing agencies in the Bay Area and Orange County, as well as the greater Milwaukee region, provides efficient and flexible solutions to connect you with the A-level engineering resources you need to maintain a competitive advantage.

Since 2006, our team has been meshed in the engineering ecosystems of California and Wisconsin, perfecting talent acquisition and contingent resource solutions to ensure success. Our reputation for accuracy and service excellence has made us a leader in recruitment and contract engineering staffing in the Bay Area, Southern California and the state of Wisconsin. 

SoloPoint’s solutions are designed to scale with the evolving needs of your organization, ensuring key roles can be filled efficiently and critical projects stay on track. 

Your ideal solution for key projects of immediate needs.

  • Short-term resources
  • Long-term resources
  • W-2 services
  • Employee Leasing

Find a key contributor for your team or an experienced leader.

  • Passive candidates
  • Thorough vetting and verification
  • Cultural alignment
  • New hire guarantee

Focused solely on engineering staffing and recruiting, we excel in:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Operations

The SoloPoint Difference


With every engagement, it is our mission to gain a deep technical understanding of our customers’ industry, product, technical profile required for each functional title and their market position. From there, we can pinpoint the engineering profile needed for each job. We only present candidates who meet or exceed technical requirements, possess demonstrated experience in the client’s industry and have the personal success attributes to add value.

Engineering Expertise

Since 2006, SoloPoint’s sole focus has been staffing and recruiting for engineering needs. This focus ensures a deep technical knowledge base and understanding of what is relevant and important to our customers. Specifically, we have unmatched expertise in the key technical, mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing issues in the industries we serve. By maintaining this singular focus on engineering, we are able to deliver the flexibility our clients need to remain agile in their markets.

Talent Pool

Because we are focused on engineering, SoloPoint has developed a strong talent network and deep pool of mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineers with expertise in our seven core industries. This gives us access to, as well as great reach into each category. By building ongoing relationships with our talent, they trust our recommendations and know that when we reach out to say we found a match, it’s with a company where they can make meaningful contributions.

Vetting, Verification, And Alignment

We screen candidates to match our clients’ industries, products, required titles, technical tools, and expertise in functional roles. Once we have established and verified technical skills and industry experience, we focus on determining a candidate’s cultural alignment with the client organization. Our recruiters identify alignments and misalignments, suggest strategies to achieve the best outcomes and help set expectations for both parties.

Innovative Solutions

Every day, we help clients overcome vexing staffing and recruiting challenges. From skill gaps to needle-in-the-haystack experience, we work efficiently and effectively to ensure access to A-level talent. And when an existing client or candidate experiences a challenge, we take it very seriously. We leverage and extend every resource within our possession, taking advantage of our flexibility and decisive nature to help our clients and candidates reach a suitable solution.


As an agile and decisive company ourselves, we can be as flexible as possible when it comes to meeting client needs. We explore every possibility and extend ourselves in every way to help our clients achieve the outcome they seek, and we are able to move quickly to keep pace with evolving client needs, ensuring efficient access to talent at precisely the right time.

Build Your Engineering Team With SoloPoint

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