About Us

SoloPoint Solutions: Your Partner In Engineering Recruitment

No One Knows Engineering Like SoloPoint

Since 2006, SoloPoint Solutions has helped hundreds of companies identify, qualify and secure critical resources to ensure the success of their engineering and development process.

Our Orange County, Bay Area, and Midwest engineering recruiters understand the complexities of the product development processes and the resources required to be successful. This technical know-how enables us to accurately evaluate the skills and experience of the engineering candidates

Core Values


We focus on engineering. Our knowledge and understanding of engineering skills and expertise allow us to identify top-notch engineering talent.

Respect For Your Time

We are prompt, professional and thorough. No useless phone calls or emails to waste your time.

We Work For You

We’ll take the time to understand your company’s goals, products, business, culture, engineering process, tools, conventions and challenges. This enables us to deliver the right candidate the first time.

Don’t Work Alone. Work Solo.

Put our engineering recruitment experience and resources to work for you. Partner with the leading provider of Midwestern, Bay Area, and Orange County contract staffing services and recruiting solutions.