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Client And Talent Testimonials

“I would highly recommend SoloPoint Solutions to any organization seeking engineering/technical/design staffing in the SF/Bay Area. SoloPoint takes the time to understand the job requirements and client needs, and provides only the most suitable candidates. I have sourced several contract engineers from them over the last four years and without exception have been very satisfied with the quality of the personnel and service provided.”

Martin F. (Principal Mechanical Engineer)

“Everyone at SoloPoint is very helpful, very friendly and very knowledgeable. They know what they’re doing. They are very particular about who they hire and who they bring in.”

Bob L. (Director of Engineering)

“I have been using SoloPoint Solutions to meet my resource requirements for 10 years now. The staff is always professional and extremely responsive to my needs and schedule. I am very satisfied with the service I receive. They are always the first firm I call.”

Steve B. (Engineering Design Manager)

“SoloPoint Solutions’ services has benefited our company significantly over the years by providing skilled resources that match our needs. Their ability to respond quickly allows us to meet our customers’ tight schedule demands without compromising quality.”

Rob L. (VP of Engineering)

“My experience working with SoloPoint Solutions in finding engineering contractors was wonderful. They were the best! They were always responsive to my concerns. I’ll be doing business with them again in the future when it’s time to hire.”

Robert T. (Mechanical Engineering Manager)

“I am writing to recommend the services of Katherine Mahshi of SoloPoint Solutions, Inc. Katherine has been providing search services to our company for more than 5 years, locating outstanding candidates for our business, many of which we have hired. I have worked directly with her through this time and have been completely satisfied. Katherine and her team do an excellent job of taking the time to really understand our needs when tasked with identifying highly qualified professionals for our employment needs. She has provided us strong candidates which we have hired into various positions, including Mechanical Engineers, a Supply Chain Manager and our Engineering Manager. As an added plus, I have found SoloPoint to be cost effective in providing these services. I am confident in recommending Katherine. She is a strong and effective professional.”

Brian S. (President)

“SoloPoint Solutions has consistently demonstrated a professional attitude and a deep understanding of design engineering concepts and tools over the last 10 years we’ve been working together. Their relaxed, easygoing attitude compliments their focused, energetic drive and ability to cross the finish line. I highly recommend SoloPoint Solutions.”

Gil V. (Sr. Mechanical Engineer)

“Excellent experience working with Technical Recruiter, Tom Sons. He took the time to find the best possible matching position for my job requirements. He was extremely on-time with coordinating activities including interviewing. Thank you Tom!”

Wade B. (Supply Chain Manager)

“I’ve worked with SoloPoint Solutions for many years and they have always set me up with good companies. Solopoint is an honest “straight shooting” company.”

Dalan C. (Mechanical Designer)

“I have been working for SoloPoint Solutions for several months now and so far I have had no problems at all. Any questions or issues I may have had has been resolved quickly. I have yet to meet anyone at SoloPoint that is NOT helpful at all. Thank you. I wish I would have known about you sooner!”

Diana G. (Program Manager)

“I have had a good experience working for SoloPoint. My recruiter, Tom Truong, was very helpful, professional and has always demonstrated his commitment to others.”

Eric H. (Mechanical Engineer)

“My experience with Solopoint has been the best “contract” company I have experienced. I have worked for three other Contract/Labor companies which did not compare to Solopoint.”

Brian T. (Electrical Engineer)

“I would definitely recommend SoloPoint to any colleague looking for a new engineering position. I honestly can’t think of anything that could be improved and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Mikhail Z. (Mechanical Engineer)

“I feel that SoloPoint helped me during a critical moment without hesitation. Within 1 1/2 months after I had gotten laid off, I received a good job offer at a company that specializes in telecommunications technology. SoloPoint also allowed me to learn SolidWorks by letting me use their workstation from my home, which was very convenient. They also assisted me in enrolling to a 4-day SolidWorks Training Class. Thank You SoloPoint!”

Lwin T. (Mechanical Engineer)

“On January 2015, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Samantha from the Costa Mesa office. Her confidence, energy and enthusiasm totally won me over so much that I interviewed at the company she recommended despite the fact that I had already received an offer from a different company uninvolved with SoloPoint. It turns out that I selected the SoloPoint recommendation and am very happy that I did. SoloPoint excels by researching the intangibles in advance to ensure a good corporate match!”

Judy A. (Quality Engineer)

“My experience with Solopoint was tremendously rewarding. I communicated well with my recruiter, Katherine, who was very professional and efficient. If there was an opportunity to work with her again, I would sign up in an instant. I would also recommend SoloPoint Solutions to any engineering professional due to the professionalism and excellent service they provide.”

John A. (Mechanical Engineer)

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