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Interview Frustrations?

“Do job interviews usually take this long?” “How many more rounds are there?” “When will I get feedback?”

These are some of the common frustrations engineering job seekers face which makes interview rounds even more stressful.

Here are some common complaints and possible explanations:


Frustration #1: “Scheduling this interview is turning into a real hassle!”

Possible Causes:

  • Coordinating Interviewer availability: Interviews typically involve a number of stakeholders. Coordinating their availability can be tricky given busy schedules, hybrid or remote work, and the sheer challenge of getting multiple interviewers in the same place at the same time. Sometimes it is purely a scheduling and logistical challenge to get an interview on the schedule.
  • Number of Queued Candidates:  If a position has many queued candidates, the scheduling challenges are exacerbated. This can add delays of weeks or even months.


Frustration #2: “Why are there so many rounds?” 

Possible Causes:

  • Interdepartmental Skill Assessments: Interviews often have multiple rounds, typically four to five, each round offering different stakeholders an opportunity to assess the applicant:


Frustration #3: “Why is this interview process dragging on forever? What’s the holdup?” 

Possible Causes:

  • Engineering positions have the slowest hiring timeline. Candidates wait 24 business days on average for interview feedback. In electronics and manufacturing companies, successful candidates may get an offer in less than 16 days after an interview, while engineering companies can take as long as 30 days to make an offer.
  • Depending on the number of job applicants and the number of stakeholders involved in this hiring process, these are the typical interview timelines: 
    • For permanent positions: 1-3 Months, with a median of 49 days and the slowest 10% reaching around 82 days.
    • For contract positions: 2-3 Weeks. Engineering contract positions move faster, typically within 2-3 weeks. The fastest 10% can transition in just 16 days, sometimes joining the workforce within 8 days of applying on payroll.


Tips for Managing Interview Frustrations:

  • Utilize Waiting Time Wisely:
  • Work with a recruiter
    • Engage with a recruiter to streamline communication and get insights into the hiring process. Recruiters can often provide updates and serve as intermediaries between you and the hiring company. They usually have insights into the hiring process and can help navigate past the bottlenecks through their network within the company. 


SoloPoint Solutions has helped hundreds of engineering professionals land their ideal roles by helping them navigate through the hiring process. If you’ve been frustrated with your job search and need help getting past the interview stages, connect with a SoloPoint Technical Recruiter today:

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