SoloPoint Attends The SLAS Conference

On Jan. 21, 2014, SoloPoint Solutions kick started this year’s line of events by attending the┬áSociety for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Conference and Exhibition. This conference is a five-day event held at the San Diego Convention Center where the latest technology in science and automation gets displayed. The SoloPoint team got to see exhibits… Read more »

Could Exoskeleton Technology Offer New Mobility, Treatment Options for the Elderly?

The baby boomer generation was like none other before it or after it, but there are also a few complications that this enormous generation is going to have to face over the next few years. The baby boomers are aging and this means that there is an enormous demand for nursing and skilled care facilities… Read more »

Engineers Design Biomedical Sensors and Spacesuit Tools for Astronauts

A new research project announced recently that they are working on developing tools to assist astronauts as they explore space. The study, spearheaded by a $750,000 grant from NASA, took over three years and was a combined effort of the College of Engineering’s electrical and computer engineering department, the Electronic Design Laboratory and the College… Read more »

New Solar Panel Materials Development Increases Efficiency, Decreases Costs

We all know how important developing new sources of energy is, and how vital it is to come up with new ways to produce power. As a society, we are desperately reliant on our power sources, and natural resources are becoming limited. In the push to develop a less expensive, more reliable and eco-friendly power… Read more »

Engineers Partner with Scientists to Develop Wearable Exoskeleton

Even though there are many processes that can be automated in the manufacturing industry, there are some tasks that still require human use. Unfortunately, many of these tasks can be dangerous and are a leading cause of injury in this field. All told, it is estimated that injuries to manufacturers in the European Union number… Read more »

Environmentally Friendly Cement Proves to Be Stronger than Traditional Cement

In this country, and throughout the world, we rely heavily on concrete as a building material. Numerous structures are made with this material, thanks to its ease of use, hardiness and its ability to withstand the elements and weather well over decades. A new study recently came out which points out that a new, environmentally… Read more »

4D Printing Advancements

Right now, we are all beginning to see just how useful 3D printing can be in many different sectors, but a new team of researchers promises to take us to an entirely new dimension. Three researchers are teaming up to discover just how 4D printing will work and the potential is enormous. The three researchers,… Read more »

Timber Construction Advances through Robotic Fabrication

The University of Stuttgart recently announced that they have made great strides in the study of robotic fabrication and timber construction. Together with Kuka, a manufacturer of industrial robot arms and the timber construction and engineering company M├╝llerBlaustein, the school has come up with exciting new developments that could change the way we fabricate buildings…. Read more »

Engineers Craft Language to Build Synthetic DNA

According to a report found in Nature Nanotechnology recently, engineers have created a new programming language that may make it possible to create synthetic DNA. The scientists behind this study state that it is very similar to creating a programming language like Perl or Java that writes code for a computer, but this new language… Read more »

Looking to Solar Power for a Cleaner Future

We all know just how vital it is to begin embracing clean energy. Our current model of relying on fuel, coal and traditional energy sources is not sustainable. As technology advances, we have several new alternatives, such as wind energy, fuel cell powered vehicles and more. Solar power however may just have the potential to… Read more »