Engineering Meetup: 6 Groups to Connect with in California

If you aren’t familiar with, it’s a site that allows people from all over the world to meet-up with people with similar interests in their area. While it’s certainly great to use it to meet with new people during your down time, it’s also a great way to network and further your career. For… Read more »

“It’s a Bird…No, Plane… It’s a Bio-Inspired Unmanned Aircraft?”

Industry professionals are growing excited with the development of an unmanned aircraft that is inspired by the flight of birds. Created by engineers and scientists the goal of the project is to imitate their soaring and gliding patterns. Birds make gliding look easy but it’s surprisingly complex to replicate mechanically. Birds fly in a way… Read more »

New Ultrasonic Testing Revolutionized with 3D Images

Ultrasounds not only revolutionized medicine, but they’ve also been very beneficial to manufacturing. This technology, which relies on bouncing sound waves off of a surface to build an image as the sound echoes back, has its drawbacks however. While medical personnel have the ability to see the images they’re working on with a screen, in… Read more »

New Concrete Materials Proven Superior to Earlier Technologies

To date, the most effective way to engineer strong concrete has been to use steel bars, often called rebar, to shore up the structure when the concrete is poured. From simple driveways to buildings and the roads we drive on, this is the way that concrete is made. However, this method does have its drawbacks,… Read more »

Innovative Optical Device Creates Wealth of Application Opportunities for Engineers

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you can clearly hear someone whispering from the other side of the room, while other times you can’t hear them at all? This mystery is typically due to the actual shape of the room you’re in and the way that the shape helps conduct sound. This mystery in part… Read more »

Six Android Apps Every Engineer Should Install

We recently covered engineering apps that are available on the iPhone platform and now it’s time to take a look to see what’s available for those who prefer the Android platform. While much of the focus for engineering apps is on the iOS platform, you may be surprised at all of the new apps that… Read more »

New Technology Provides Solutions to Create Smooth Surfaces on Materials

As our reliance on our mobile devices grows, so grows our need for faster communication. A team of researchers recently announced that they have developed a new technique that will allow curved surfaces to appear flat to antennas. This means that instead of bouncing around on surfaces, radio waves could travel in a much faster… Read more »

Micro-Robot Advancement – Where is it headed?

When we think of robots small enough to function inside the human body, the first thing that usually comes to mind is science fiction and a great deal of unease. As science continues to make pioneering jumps in the field of medical science, it’s becoming clear that such a possibility is real and it may… Read more »

Innovative Modelling Technique Leaves Expensive Prototyping a Thing of the Past

A recent study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A journal indicates that prototype modeling may soon be a thing of the past. Researchers from the University of Bristol are currently working on a new modeling technique that has the potential to completely reshape the way we build engines and other complicated parts…. Read more »

New Energy Conservation Principle Equals Increased Engine Efficiency

As the focus shifts towards creating fuel efficient vehicles and lessening our dependence on fossil fuels, much of the attention has been towards creating hybrid vehicles that use alternative fuels. While this is certainly producing vehicles with better gas mileage and longer ranges of efficacy, there are still some downsides to battery powered vehicles. This… Read more »