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Cool Devices Seen At CES 2020

CES is the biggest gathering of consumer technology companies and tech aficionados from all over the world. The 4-day conference kicked off on January 7 and was held in 11 different venues in Las Vegas, NV.

This year’s CES spans more than 2.9 million net square feet of exhibit space and features 36 product categories which include the latest innovation in Computer Hardware, Wearable Gears, Medical Devices, Robotics and many more.

Here are some standout products from this year’s CES:

  1. SARCOS’ Guardian XO:

CES 2020 - Sarcos Guardian XO

(Image Credit: The Robot Report)

At CES 2020, Delta Air Lines Inc. announced its partnership with Sarcos Robotics to utilize the Guardian XO industrial exoskeleton towards making their airline employees’ jobs safer and easier. The Guardian XO is a battery-powered, full-body exoskeleton designed to boost human performance and endurance while helping to prevent injury. Potential uses at Delta could include handling freight at Delta Cargo warehouses, moving maintenance components at Delta TechOps, or lifting heavy machinery and parts for ground support equipment. (The Robot Report)

  1. XSensio Lab-on Skin:

XSensio Lab On-Skin

(Image Credit: CES 2020)

The unique Xsensio Lab-on-Skin™ wearable chip will sense continuously and in real-time a broad range of biochemical parameters in sweat at the surface of the skin, from electrolytes and metabolites, to hormones and proteins, with the precision of blood test & the convenience and real-time feedback of a wearable.

Thanks to its modular platform, the Lab-on-Skin™ chip will address a wide range of health and wellness applications in sports, elderly care and medical. The Lab-on-Skin™ chip can be integrated into next-generation skin patches, wristbands or smart watches. (CES 2020)

  1. MedWand:


(Image Credit: CES 2020)

MedWand™ fulfills the potential of telemedicine. Created by physicians and medical device engineers, MedWand houses multiple diagnostic tools in a single, easy-to-use handheld device. With a MedWand on the patient’s side, clinicians can conduct remote office visits, and through the real-time collection of multiple vital sign readings and key patient assessments, detect and follow numerous medical conditions from across town, or around the world. It can be used in several different modes. In addition to the real-time remote exams, it can be used by Home Health Care, EMS, Hospice and Palliative care workers, as well as assisted living home monitoring environments. MedWand can also be used as a store & forward device. (CES 2020)

  1. Sublue™ Mix Pro

(Image Credit: CES 2020)

Sublue™ Mix Pro is the smallest double propeller underwater scooter in the market. It is equipped with the latest high-performance underwater motor system of Sublue, which increases the underwater speed of the product to 1.8m/s. At the same time the battery life extended to 60 mins. Sublue™ Mix Pro has two-speed model selection and buoyancy regulator. High brightness colorful LED can prompt the power consumption, speed model and low battery warning. This is also designed with waterproof phone case mounting and fixed support, consumers can easily to record the splendid moments while diving or swimming with the Sublue™ Mix Pro.  (CES 2020)


  1. Ballie

(Image Credit: samsung electronics)

Samsung Electronics has seen the personalized technology of the future — in the shape of a yellow softball-sized robot called Ballie.

In a keynote speech at CES 2020, company executive H.S. Kim demonstrated what he called the “next evolution of IoT (Internet of Things).” Ballie’s real-world capabilities are all hypothetical for now, but it’s easy to imagine this rolling little friend being used in households to check-in with kids, pets, or seniors. Or as a rolling security monitoring device while away from home, like your very own BB-8 style droid. Ballie is also envisioned to operate as a mobile remote control for smart home functions and at CES, was shown to react to changes in the home environment, activating another internet-equipped air purification robot. (Design Milk)


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