Engineers Develop Material that Can Change Color Based on Force

A breakthrough new material developed by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley can change color based on small amounts of force applied to its skin. By making small etchings on a super-thin silicon film embedded in a flexible membrane, the material’s producers can choose what colors were reflected depending on how the material… Read more »

Eight Podcasts that Every Engineer Should Subscribe To

Engineers need to stay up to date on the latest technological advances both in their fields and throughout the scientific community. But reading dry scientific journals all day can become boring and time consuming. Thankfully, we have podcasts. Presented in an entertaining format, podcasts are an effective way to keep informed on current events. Here… Read more »

Design 2 Part Show Highlights American Manufacturing Services

On May 20, SoloPoint Solutions attended the Northern California stop of the Design 2 Part (D2P) Show held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The D2P Show was originally started in the mid ‘70s by Ben Edwards to show USA’s capabilities in manufacturing innovation and technology. 39 years later, it still is the hub for… Read more »

New 3D Printing Technique Offers Boundless Opportunities for Engineers

For years, 3D printing has been heralded as the “next industrial revolution.” Now, the technology, which has promised to launch a new wave of decentralized, customizable manufacturing, might have its own version of the steam engine. A company called Carbon3D has developed a process called continuous liquid interface production – or CLIP for short –… Read more »

Silicon Valley SolidWorks User Group Held Inaugural Meeting of 2015

The Silicon Valley SolidWorks User Group Network (SWUGN) held its first meeting of 2015 on April 16th. This meeting marks the Hacker Dojo as its new home since moving the chapter from the Campbell Community Center. Chairman of the Silicon Valley Chapter, Brian Titus said, “This is a great place for users to come together… Read more »

The Age of Robotic Walking… Papers?

When you think of a robot – what is the first thing that jumps into your mind? Most people would respond metal, high technology and numerous moving parts. Few would ever associate robotics with paper. And yet, this medium which has held the written word for centuries now has the potential to do much more…. Read more »

Bringing Manufacturing To California

Manufacturing is an important step in an engineering production process. Over the previous decades, companies have outsourced their manufacturing needs to other countries to cut costs and fulfill mass volume orders.  In the turn of the millennium, however, there was a new trend where manufacturing companies are moving their production facilities to the United States…. Read more »

Low-Cost Flexible Nanosensor Technology Developed – What it Means for Engineers

Over the past two years, wearable technology has gone from the stuff of science fiction to reality. Between fitness trackers that can report on everything from the quality of your sleep to your heart rate, to smart watches that can mimic a phone, we’ve come a long way. Engineers have worked non-stop to make their… Read more »

3D Printing Revolutionized Through New Technology

For the past 25 to 30 years, 3D printing has been using technology that builds an object one layer at a time. While it is still an incredible process to observe, it is quite time consuming. To date, there have been few advances in this method. However, thanks to some research from Joseph M. DeSimone,… Read more »

New Process Leads to Improved Semiconductor Technology

Semiconductors have largely been made the same way for decades. And while this manufacturing method was effective, it has its flaws. Typically, they are made by layering semiconductors crystals on top of one another. This process requires precision and quite often, mistakes can be made. These mistakes can lead to defects inside the semiconductors and… Read more »