New Research Helps to Predict Electrical Response of Metals to Extreme Pressures

Although we know have quad core computer processors, until now we’ve been limited when it comes to the speed that a single processor can achieve. This is due in a large part to the metal wiring that connects chips, the interconnects, as they are called. Metal has electrical resistance and this slows down the speed… Read more »

3D Printing Interest Grows Thanks to Autodesk

When 3D printing first hit the marketplace, there was plenty of interest, but the price of 3D capable printers meant that only large companies and educational facilities with large budgets were able to take advantage of it. That may soon change thanks to Autodesk. Known primarily for the AutoCAD software, Autodesk saw the potential in… Read more »

Microscopic Medical Propeller Could Pioneer Medical Treatment Options

We’ve seen numerous advances in nanotech over the past year, and none perhaps affected society as much as the smart-watch – a long awaited device that science fiction fans have pined over for years. But, this is not the only big thing happening in nanotech. In fact, there are a host of new surprises, and… Read more »

New Carbon Nanotube Circuits Provide Wealth of Opportunities

For years, when it comes to making circuits and chips, engineers have relied on silicon. While this material is ideal for this type of technology, it is an expensive material and one that is difficult to produce. This not only impacts the bottom lines of companies looking to manufacture technological products, it also impacts the… Read more »

New Surface Developed that Can Actively Control How Things Move

If you have ever dusted furniture, you know how quickly it can build back up. It’s a frustration for cleaners, but imagine this situation when it comes to solar panels, particularly in desert environments where dust is prevalent. Solar panels are a great source for renewable energy, but they don’t function as well when they… Read more »

Engineering Hiring is Up – So How Can You Snag Top Talent?

According to a recent report by Staffing Industry, hiring for engineers is on the rise, and in fact, the numbers are climbing steadily. Over the past few months, there has been an increase of more than 2% in available engineering jobs. This strong growth has raised some issues for employers however. As the marketplace gets… Read more »

Engineers Develop New Energy Source Powered by Saliva

In these days of green energy, several methods of producing energy are being studied, but none may be as unexpected as saliva. Yes, that’s right, researchers may have found a way to produce energy with standard spit. In a report featured in a recent issue of Nature Publishing Group’s Asia Materials, a research group published… Read more »

The Future of Securing Information: Dissolvable Materials?

If you are a fan of science fiction literature, this new advance may not shock you, but the regular population might get quite a jolt once fiction becomes reality. Currently, researchers at Iowa State University are working on creating technology that performs a specific task – and once that task is complete, the device is… Read more »

Robotic Development & Navigation Makes Breakthrough

Although it sometimes appears as though machines are smarter than humans, there are a few things that we can do better. For example, navigation is actually much easier for humans than it is for computers. This is due to the way we learn to navigate. For example, if you prefer to use landmarks, such as… Read more »

Engineers Design ‘Living Materials’ and Open Doors for Future Energy Sources

Is it possible for scientists to create “living cells” out of a mix of different materials? A team of engineering researchers at MIT proved that it is indeed possible. Their paper, published in Nature Materials, detailed the research that the team completed and their startling findings. Through the use of bacteria, the researchers created what… Read more »