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Critical Need: Remote Engineers

As businesses evaluate what positions are critical in their operations while recovering from COVID-19 and the Shelter-In-Place orders — remote work is expected to be an essential function presently and in the future. In a survey by Gartner, employers said they expect that 48% of their workforce will likely work remotely occasionally even after COVID-19 passed.

Remote work favors jobs and workers who can perform work using home computers and online software. Roles that require the usage of equipment, instruments are subjected to furloughing or reduction.

A survey by The Conference Board said, 18% of 150 Manufacturing HR Personnel said they laid-off office workers while 41% said they’ve laid-off in-plant workers (or workers who perform manual labor).

In a survey conducted by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), when asked what remote tools are being utilized by engineers:

  • 38% said they are using modeling software
  • 26% are using simulation software
  • 27% are using drafting software
  • Others say they’re using cloud-based CAD systems and ERP software

Even though attrition is common in the engineering community during the pandemic, high-skilled engineers, especially mechanical engineers, are still highly coveted.

In that same ASME survey, out of 500 respondents – 56% that are categorized as design engineers were able to continue working remotely. Of that population, 92% said their operations remain active, while 12% reported that their hours have been modified.

SoloPoint Solutions continues to support companies in the areas of biotechnology, medical devices, semiconductor, and automation that are actively hiring for premier engineering talents. We also provide remote resources such as CAD workstations, subscriptions, and communication tools to facilitate work from home arrangements

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