Can 3D Printing Unlock New Technology and Job Opportunities?

What used to be a science fiction plot is quickly becoming a reality as innovations in 3D printing continue. Right now, numerous important parts are being utilized by manufacturing companies and as technology improves, it’s safe to say that 3D printing is going to have a huge impact on every single industry. This is incredibly… Read more »

SoloPoint Attends Design2Part Show

On May 22nd and 23rd, the SoloPoint Solutions crew ventured out to attend the Design2Part show held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The Design2Part show is a trade show held throughout the country that invites manufacturing suppliers to network and present their products to the engineering world. Other than networking with the best design… Read more »

New Vortex Cleaning Technologies Adopted by Oil & Gas

Deep sea drilling for oil is a dangerous profession — we’re all well aware of the problems that have occurred off-shore in the past, particularly off the coast of Texas in the United States. One safety measure that rigs employ is known as a BOP or blowout preventer. These devices are meant to protect the… Read more »

Optimize Manufacturing Processes to Optimize Energy Consumption

As energy costs continue to rise, it’s becoming vital for companies to find new ways to save energy. While there are several tried and true methods available, such as upgrading machines to more efficient models, taking steps to turn off computers at night to reduce energy consumption and other smaller upgrades that can be made,… Read more »

SPOTTED: The Picarro Surveyor In Motion

Cool Technology-at-work: This Picarro Surveyor was recently spotted in Santa Clara County by SoloPoint Solutions CEO, Dean Le. This surveyor is used to “sniff” out possible gas leaks in the area by having the instrument mounted on a car and the data gets collected using a geo-informatics platform. This means the air analyzed by the… Read more »

New Robot Combines Sensor Technology with Adaptive Mechanics for Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process for stroke victims can be long and painful. If the stroke has a large impact on the communication centers of the brain, it can be difficult for patients to communicate to their physical therapist which can create further issues during the rehabilitation process. Engineers are developing systems to respond to this need,… Read more »

Congestion-Minimization Technology Tested by Auto Manufacturer

We all know how frustrating driving in congested traffic can be. A drive that should take 20 minutes can stretch into an hour or more. Honda Motor company is testing out some new technology in an attempt to fix this issue. Currently, they are running a new test on their congestion-minimization technology app in Indonesia,… Read more »

Engineering Helps Develop Light-Powered Film for Smartphones

If you own a smartphone, you’re already well acquainted with the fact that they tend to run through their battery life quite quickly, particularly for power users. While engineers are busy developing more powerful batteries and applications that use less power, another set is developing an answer to this issue. Wysips, a French technology start-up,… Read more »

SoloPoint Solutions Visits The New 49ers Stadium

On April 18, the SoloPoint Solutions’ executives caught more than a glimpse of the upcoming new home to the San Francisco 49ers. Dean Le, Tom Truong and Tom Sons were invited to take a tour of the Santa Clara Stadium that’s being built approximately 2.5 miles away from the company’s headquarters. The new stadium will… Read more »

ETO Technology Helps Decrease Engineering Time 90%

Engineer to Order or ETO software has been around for some time, with the first applications showing up in the 1980’s. While ETO software is critical to the engineering process, some inherent flaws in the way these applications worked kept many companies from seeing the full potential. Typically, these applications are complicated to learn, even… Read more »