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Top Articles You May Have Missed From 2017

2017 was a busy year for industries throughout California. If you’re taking a breather now to prepare for the upcoming year, here are several articles you may have missed that can help you plan.

Career Insights

How to Be an Indispensable Engineer: Turnover is high in the engineering sector, but if you love your work, here’s how to connect to stand out as an engineer your team can’t do without.

Developing Your Soft Skills: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Them: In a field where every engineer is expected to have mastered certain technical skills, “soft skills” like communication, teamwork and planning are what separate the outstanding engineers from the merely competent.

Staffing and Recruiting Insights

Engineering Job Offers: What Should You Do If a Candidate is Facing Multiple Offers? 2017 was a tough market for qualified candidates – and 2018 will likely follow suit. Here’s what to do if your top candidate is weighing offers from competitors as well.

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans for Your Open Engineering Jobs: Veterans bring experience with cutting-edge technology, honed on teams that are focused on completing a clear, defined mission and on coordinating their efforts to reach that goal. But those aren’t the only reasons veterans make outstanding hires.

Reasons You Keep Losing Your Best Engineers (And What You Can Do About It): Turnover imposes serious costs on U.S. manufacturing businesses – especially when the employees leaving are your best talent. Here’s how to stop the leaks.

Industry News

US Cutting Tools Sales Up in 2017: We explore how this one simple data point means big things for American manufacturing – and how it should inspire companies to start looking for engineering talent today.

SoloPoint News

Bay Area 1st Graders Go to Maker Faire: Twenty first-grade students from A.J. Dorsa attended the 2017 Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. We explore the world of inventing, engineering and tech through their eyes.

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