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Engineering Job Offers: What Should You Do If a Candidate Is Facing Multiple Offers?

In a competitive market where top talent is scarce, it is inevitable at some point you’ll make an offer to a candidate who is also considering offers from one or more of your competitors.

While the ultimate decision will come from the candidate, you don’t have to stand by helplessly while the candidate decides. Here’s how to respond proactively to a multiple-offers situation to maximize your chances of hearing “I accept!”

Handle communication personally…

If you work with a recruiter, your recruiter may have been the primary contact point for the candidate up until this point. Once the offer is made, however, take it upon yourself to stay in contact with the candidate – and make sure your communications are regular, personalized, but not overbearing. Doing so helps build a personal relationship that makes the candidate feel more at home.

…but keep your recruiter in the loop.

While it may be time to take a more personal approach, it’s never time to cut your recruiter out entirely. Instead, treat your recruiter as a confidante. Contact your staffing partner to discuss the situation and ask for assistance in staying connected to the candidate, creating a competitive offer, and other tasks.

Create a competitive counteroffer.

Every hiring committee has certain constraints when it comes to creating a job offer. Now, it’s time to double-check that the offer is competitive with other offers and it addresses what matters most to the candidate. You might present the updated offer right away, or wait to see whether the candidate bargains for changes – talk to your recruiter for insight on the best approach with this candidate.

Help the candidate feel part of the family.

It’s easier for a candidate to accept an offer if the candidate already feels they belong at the company. Have important people in the organization call or meet with the candidate, and invite them to company social events.

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