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The Benefits of Hiring Veterans for Your Open Engineering Jobs

Many engineers start their careers in the armed forces. While most eventually leave active military service, they don’t leave behind the skills and character traits learned during their service. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to hire military veterans to fill open engineering positions.

Veterans know how to focus and complete a mission.

Military culture focuses on mission accomplishment, with cooperation and teamwork as the foundation of goal achievement. As a result, veterans understand not only how to work as a team to reach a goal, but how to measure progress and to support and encourage their teammates as well.

Veterans started leading early.

The average U.S. Marine is 19 years old; by age 21, most Marines are in some leadership position over a team or project. Other branches of the armed forces place servicemembers in leadership positions at a similarly early point in their careers. The longer a person is a member of the armed forces, the more responsibility they are likely to carry. By the time they leave, most veterans know how to lead a team, articulate a goal, communicate the steps to achieving it, and hold teammates accountable.

Veterans respect responsibility.

When veterans began their military careers, they stepped into a world where their decisions could have serious consequences. As a result, they learned to take their responsibilities seriously and to weigh all available factors before making a decision. They’re also more likely to seek out additional information and to weigh several factors before making a call.

Veterans are resourceful.

The military teaches its members how to get a job done, think about the big picture, and respond even when things don’t go as planned. As a result, veterans tend to be independent and to work well within a clearly-communicated framework with adequate support. A veteran engineer on your team will likely outwork many of your seasoned staff members.

Tax credits and other support can help.

Several government programs extend tax credits, financial assistance for continuing education, and other resources to veterans seeking civilian work after their service has ended. Many companies can use these resources to gain a valuable team member who can consistently learn and improve while on the job.

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