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Reasons You Keep Losing Your Best Engineers (and What You Can Do About It)

Engineering talent is essential to a wide range of businesses, but finding and keeping the best engineers is a constant challenge. If your top engineering staff keep leaving for offers with competing companies, you can take steps to address the issue—and become a company engineers love to join, rather than one they leave.

Here are several common reasons companies lose their best engineers—and how to change it:

Your Company Has a Glass Ceiling

Engineers often leave employers who simply don’t allow them to advance beyond a certain point. In this situation, your engineers may leave to find the promotion they’re looking for, but your career tracks don’t offer. Look carefully at why engineers leave and what positions they move into when they do, and reconsider your organization’s structure to allow for advancement.

Compensation Isn’t Competitive

To keep the best engineers, you don’t have to offer the best salary and benefits package in the business—if your company has other prime offerings, like an ideal workplace culture for certain top performers. However, your compensation must be competitive with other companies to keep your best talent.

To determine whether your overall salary and benefits packages are competitive, use resources like or to compare your offerings with those of similar companies. Or speak to your recruiter: A staffing company that specializes in placing engineers has a keen sense of the compensation these candidates should receive.

The “Fit” Isn’t Right

Top performers in every field, including engineering, are looking for more than a job and a paycheck. They’re looking for a place where their ideas are valued and their supervisors recognize and acknowledge the value they bring to the organization. If the cultural “fit” between your top talent and your company isn’t right, expect them to move to a place that suits their ambitions better.

You can improve fit during the hiring process by leveraging your company’s culture and employment brand in job postings, screening for fit and taking similar steps to ensure both you and the candidates you interview will thrive in the relationship. Your recruiter can help.

If your business needs assistance finding and keeping top engineering talent, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced recruiters at SoloPoint Solutions. From our offices in Santa Clara and Costa Mesa, California, we help companies throughout the state find and keep the talent they need.