Top Reasons You Should Consider Relocating for an Engineering Job

Engineers in California have a number of opportunities to apply for and land new positions.  Often, however, a job opening will require you to relocate, even if you’re staying within the same state. If you’re looking for a new engineering position and would like to stay in California, you may still need to consider whether… Read more »

Does Your Hiring Strategy Address Attrition?

Attrition is an issue that many companies face. Depending on your industry, you can see attrition rates as high as 24%. Even lower rates can still spell trouble for your organization. It costs much more to find and train new candidates than it does to retain existing employees. The key to solving this problem is… Read more »

Engineers Partner with Scientists to Develop Wearable Exoskeleton

Even though there are many processes that can be automated in the manufacturing industry, there are some tasks that still require human use. Unfortunately, many of these tasks can be dangerous and are a leading cause of injury in this field. All told, it is estimated that injuries to manufacturers in the European Union number… Read more »

Congestion-Minimization Technology Tested by Auto Manufacturer

We all know how frustrating driving in congested traffic can be. A drive that should take 20 minutes can stretch into an hour or more. Honda Motor company is testing out some new technology in an attempt to fix this issue. Currently, they are running a new test on their congestion-minimization technology app in Indonesia,… Read more »