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Top Reasons You Should Consider Relocating for an Engineering Job

Engineers in California have a number of opportunities to apply for and land new positions.  Often, however, a job opening will require you to relocate, even if you’re staying within the same state.

If you’re looking for a new engineering position and would like to stay in California, you may still need to consider whether relocation is right for you.  Here are the top reasons relocation might be the ideal choice:

  1. The new job will advance your career. Research a position thoroughly, talk to your recruiter about the employer and the opportunity, and don’t hesitate to ask about the path to advancement during the interview. If these sources all indicate the job will help move your career forward in the direction you want to go, relocating may be a small price to pay in exchange for career growth.
  2. The work will open up new opportunities for you. Being comfortable and confident in the work you do is important for improving your productivity, the quality of your results, and your overall satisfaction with your career path. But if you’ve passed “comfortable” to find yourself stuck in a rut, a move may help open up new personal and professional opportunities – making you more creative and offering a fresh outlook on life.
  3. The new job will improve your life. Consider the ways in which the position will reduce the number of daily stresses you face. For example, a shorter commute may reduce your frustration level and increase the amount of time you can spend at home or with friends.  The climate may be more comfortable for you, or the amenities provided in the city where you will move fit better with your lifestyle.  If the location benefits your life and the job benefits your career, a move may be the perfect choice.
  4. The increase in pay – or decrease in cost of living – is worthwhile. As anyone who has ever sought housing in the Bay Area knows, the cost of living in California is not equally distributed throughout the state. When considering whether or not you will relocate, do some quick arithmetic.  Will a pay increase that is substantial on paper be largely eaten by cost of living increases?  Or will a very small pay increase “feel” much larger, because your daily living expenses will drop significantly?  Does the move allow your spouse to find higher-paying work they enjoy as well?  If so, relocation may be the right choice for you.

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