Game Changing Additive Manufacturing CAE Coming Soon

Computer-Aided Technologies are constantly evolving and at SoloPoint Solutions, we want to keep an eye out on these new innovations. We came across this great article from that features a new CAE software currently in Beta testing mode that can potentially be a game changer for mechanical engineers who utilize 3D Printing: 3DSIM has… Read more »

8 Hot 3D Printing Trends To Watch In 2016

This article was written by 3D Entrepreneur Rick Smith for Even as the overhyped consumer 3D printing market continues to fall back down to earth, 2016 looks to be a breakout year for the industry as senior executives’ eyes and checkbooks are opening wide to the technology’s potential. The industrial market for 3D printing… Read more »

3D Printing Revolutionized Through New Technology

For the past 25 to 30 years, 3D printing has been using technology that builds an object one layer at a time. While it is still an incredible process to observe, it is quite time consuming. To date, there have been few advances in this method. However, thanks to some research from Joseph M. DeSimone,… Read more »

4D Printing Advancements

Right now, we are all beginning to see just how useful 3D printing can be in many different sectors, but a new team of researchers promises to take us to an entirely new dimension. Three researchers are teaming up to discover just how 4D printing will work and the potential is enormous. The three researchers,… Read more »

Doodle3D – Printing 2D Pictures in 3D

As 3D printing becomes more popular, advances in printers and engineering applications have evolved. However, there’s an exciting new advancement that will allow users to easily take a 2D image and create a printable 3D image. Known as Doodle3D, this new app and device is a sketching tool that hooks into your computer and converts… Read more »

Can 3D Printing Unlock New Technology and Job Opportunities?

What used to be a science fiction plot is quickly becoming a reality as innovations in 3D printing continue. Right now, numerous important parts are being utilized by manufacturing companies and as technology improves, it’s safe to say that 3D printing is going to have a huge impact on every single industry. This is incredibly… Read more »

3D Materials Composites Reduce Costs

One of the major factors that has kept some companies from adapting to 3D printing technology wholeheartedly has been the cost of the materials that are needed. Thanks to some new advances however more companies will be able to afford this new technology and make better use of it. These new metal matrix composite components… Read more »

Design Your Own Robot

Thanks to a new project spearheaded by researchers at MIT, it may soon be possible to manufacture your very own robot. This revolutionary new technology is a game-changer that will make it possible to design and print your own robot using your computer and a 3D printer. Currently, it can take years, millions of dollars… Read more »