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Doodle3D – Printing 2D Pictures in 3D

As 3D printing becomes more popular, advances in printers and engineering applications have evolved. However, there’s an exciting new advancement that will allow users to easily take a 2D image and create a printable 3D image. Known as Doodle3D, this new app and device is a sketching tool that hooks into your computer and converts a regular image into a 3D one.

This is an exciting advancement in the world of 3D printing and illustrates the fact that this type of printing is having a revolutionary impact on manufacturing and engineering industries. With the use of this tool, an engineer could easily change an existing 2D CAD drawing into a 3D printable image. This on-the-fly ability is ideal for engineers who need to make quick changes to an existing drawing.

Once installed on a computer, the user can run the Doodle3D app and import their image. Once in the program, the image can be added to through the creation of different layers and stackable items to create a 3D version, in real time. Twisting, adding volume and scaling are all standard features in this app.

After the image is completed, through the use of the Doodle3D device or dongle, the user can hook up their computer to a 3D printer and immediately print the piece. As long as the printer has a USB port, it’s not a problem to print directly through the computer. The user can also save the image and send it to team members or keep it for later use.

This is exciting news for those in the engineering and design field. Trying to turn a 2D image into a 3D image has been a laborious process and typically required several days of work. With Doodle3D, it’s much more streamlined and effective, creating less of a lag between the initial design phase, any necessary corrections and the final print stage.

This is also great news for engineers or students who want to have an impact in this industry. WIth the creation of Doodle3D, more companies are going to embrace this technology and demand for CAD designers and engineers is going to increase. For those who want a more direct impact, there is room for further improvement and innovation with these types of devices.

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