How to Leverage Staffing Data to Achieve Better Hiring Outcomes

Data has grown increasingly easier to compile and analyze. How can this data be used to reduce hiring risks when hiring engineers? While a good part of the hiring process is necessarily subjective, adding data analysis to your decision-making process can stack the deck in your favor. What can you do with staffing data? Attract… Read more »

Affordable and Impactful Employee Recognition Ideas

One of the keys to improving your employee retention rates and their overall productivity is recognizing their contributions to your organizations. However, while some small companies don’t have the budget to implement big plans for recognition, that doesn’t mean they can’t find affordable, yet impactful, ways of recognizing their employees. Let’s look at just a… Read more »

Do You Have a Skills Mismatch?

Once you land what you think is your dream job, it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed at first. We all go through a period when first starting where we don’t feel confident and it takes a little bit to find your stride. However, if after several weeks you aren’t comfortable in your position and… Read more »

Implementing Workplace Policies to Protect Your Organization and Employees

Too many employers find out the hard way how necessary it is to have organizational policies both for managing their employees and protecting their day-to-day operations. While every state is different, and you also need to factor in different federal laws and regulations, once you’ve developed your policies, you’ll need to find a way to… Read more »

Innovative Management Tips to Motivate Employees

Motivating your employees can be a challenge, particularly when you don’t necessarily want to use monetary awards. However, what you may not realize is that many employees are motivated by non-monetary rewards and you can actually raise your productivity rates, improve morale and keep your workforce motivated just by practicing a little innovation with your… Read more »

STEM Needed to Support Tech Future

Without a doubt, our society is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. This translates into more companies embracing this technology which in turn creates a need for more qualified engineers and technical employees. In response to this potential demand, the US government is introducing what they called STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education. STEM… Read more »

6 Steps to Reduce the Cost of Training Your Engineering Staff

Training specialized engineering staff is vital, but it can also be expensive. If you are finding that your company’s training costs are getting out of control, there are six easy ways that you can lower your expenses, without lowering the quality of the training. 1. Schedule as much group training as possible. If at all… Read more »

Keep Your Employees Engaged All Summer Long

As we grow up, particularly in America, summer time is the time to play. Even as adults, it can be very difficult to stay on task when it’s beautiful out and the last place you want to be is behind a desk. Your employees are undoubtedly feeling the same siren song and it’s vital to… Read more »