Reasons You Keep Losing Your Best Engineers (and What You Can Do About It)

Engineering talent is essential to a wide range of businesses, but finding and keeping the best engineers is a constant challenge. If your top engineering staff keep leaving for offers with competing companies, you can take steps to address the issue—and become a company engineers love to join, rather than one they leave. Here are… Read more »

How Often Should You Update Your Engineering Staffing Strategy?

Having a staffing strategy in place allows you to find better candidates in less time and hire more efficiently. Once you implement a strategic staffing plan, however, it’s wise to update it periodically to reflect changes in your industry as well as the growth your company makes because of hiring stronger candidates. When is it… Read more »

Top Things to Review When Auditing Your Staffing Budget

Staffing comprises a significant portion of the annual budget in most organizations. Consequently, companies often struggle to find outstanding talent without increasing the amount they spend on staffing each year. When auditing your annual staffing budget, asking the following questions can help your organization determine whether your staffing funds are being spent effectively—and identify ways… Read more »

Diagnosing the Problem: Why Your Staffing Plan is Falling Short

For companies seeking to improve the quality and efficiency of their staffing, creating a staffing plan is half the battle. The other half is creating a staffing plan that works—and troubleshooting that staffing plan when problems arise. Here are several common points at which staffing plans fall short, and what to do if your hiring… Read more »

Ask These Essential Questions when Picking Potential Recruiting Partner

Your recruiting partner can be an invaluable ally in your search for better talent. To get the most from your relationship with your staffing firm, however, it’s essential to ensure you partner with the recruiter who offers the expertise, skills and services that best fit your company’s needs. Here are four essential questions to ask… Read more »

Hiring Team Can’t Agree on a Candidate? Here’s What to Do

Having two or more outstanding candidates from which to choose is an enviable position.  Less enviable is the situation in which the candidates are outstanding, but the hiring team is deadlocked on which one to hire. Here are some suggestions for resolving a hiring team conflict over which candidate to hire: Put emotions aside. You… Read more »

How To Fix The Manufacturing Skills Gap

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing jobs stay vacant on average for up to 29.2 days, which states the difficulty of finding hire-able talent. Most employment experts point the blame on the Skills Gap stagnation affecting the economy. To see how it can be resolved, we are featuring this article from Manufacturing Business… Read more »

How to Solve Business Headaches With Your Staffing Strategy

Companies throughout the United States often share common challenges in conducting their everyday business.  Difficulties with finding qualified talent, reducing turnover, flexibility to meet new obstacles and controlling overhead costs are common. Here, we discuss ways to use your staffing strategy to address these problems. Finding qualified talent. Your staffing partner can help you expand… Read more »

5 Reasons To Go With A Staffing Firm For Your Recruiting Needs

The economy saw a rise in hiring in 2016 and experts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have predicted that it will continue to rise in 2017. With that, companies are turning to staffing firms for assistance in recruiting for top talents. Hiring Expert Lou Adler, frequent LinkedIn Pulse Contributor and bestselling author of “The… Read more »

2017 Hiring Trends: How to Find Great Engineering Talent

Ongoing hiring trends in the new year include increasing wages, a greater reliance on contract workers and a desire to become more educated and flexible when it comes to hiring.  Here’s what you need to know. Major Hiring Trends in 2017 The biggest upcoming hiring trends this year currently include: Increased pay. Two-thirds of employers… Read more »