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Emerging Roles in the Automation Era of Engineering

The fast-paced evolution of robotics and automation has transformed manufacturing, shifting roles and creating fresh engineering prospects. Facilities must plan strategically for the specialized skills required to stay competitive. Here are the emerging roles in automation and robotics, and why they’re in high demand in this new engineering era:

As facilities digitize, 86% of manufacturing executives foresee smart factory solutions will drive competitiveness in 5 years. The industrial robotics market is set to hit $81.4 billion by 2028, up from $41.7 billion in 2021, indicating rapid growth. Manufacturers anticipate a 12% labor productivity increase from the industrial metaverse, aiding labor shortages. While automation may displace 85 million jobs by 2025, around 97 million new jobs are expected to emerge in AI and product development by then.

The New Roles in Automation and Robotics:

    • Projected growth:
      • Companies are expected to create new jobs in robotics engineering and maintenance as automation progresses. The BLS predicts a 2% employment growth by 2031 for mechanical engineers, including robotics engineering, with approximately 17,900 annual job openings expected. 
    • Why are they in demand:
      • Embedded software engineers are already ubiquitous given all the connected devices we use in our daily lives. The rise in robotics and automation demands even more control and monitoring of factory and manufacturing processes.
    • Projected growth: 
      • The BLS projects that Supply Chain Engineer Employment will grow at an 18% rate by 2023 with around 21,800 average job openings projected each year.
    • Why are they in demand:
      • Supply chain engineers are in demand for their expertise in designing and implementing automated systems that streamline processes like warehousing and logistics. 
      • They possess skills in data management, optimization, analysis, and decision-making, crucial for managing the vast amounts of data generated by sensors and IoT devices. This data enables informed decisions on inventory, transportation, and production, optimizing supply chain efficiency and responsiveness.

Recruiting for emerging job titles in robotics and automation can be daunting due to the complexity and scarcity of qualified candidates. However, specialized staffing firms offer a strategic advantage. With their expertise and vast networks, they streamline the hiring process, mitigate risks, and ensure businesses have the right talent to drive innovation. Partnering with such firms transforms recruiting challenges into strategic opportunities for growth and success.

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