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Career-Boosting Tools for Engineers

In today’s competitive job market, upskilled and tools-equipped engineers have a more competitive edge. However, time and resources are often obstacles to pursuing continuous learning. Here are the modern tools, digital resources, and networking platforms to help engineers enhance their careers at their own pace and time:

Digital Tools and Apps: Many digital tools are downloadable and accessible for engineers to learn new skills, practice simulations, and work on remote projects at their convenience. Here are some mobile-friendly apps and tools for engineers:

  • ME:
    • Fluid Mechanics Calc: Offers precise calculations of fluid thermophysical parameters for thermodynamics and fluid property problems.
    • Mechanical Engineering One: Offers reference tables, calculators, and converters in both metric and imperial units.
  • EE: 
    • Circuit Lab: Offers online tools for drawing and testing circuits that also helps check analog and digital systems before making a prototype.
    • iCircuit: Offers sketching tools for electrical circuits that also test functions, check voltages, and debug issues.
    • Droid Tesla: Offers beginner-friendly simulation programs for electronics circuit design and construction.
  • MFG:
    • Industrial Engineering: Offers a free handbook that covers 140 subjects across 5 chapters with notes, equations, formulas, and illustrations.
    • IE Calculator: Offers a 15-formula calculator used for calculation of area and productivity and planning of manpower and production.

Practice Exams:  Practice exams help engineers assess their knowledge and areas of improvement which can be taken at their own pace before actual assessments. Here are some past exam collections from leading universities:

Organizations: Professional organizations provide convenient access to webinars, training, and resources for engineers, along with updates on industry trends, competitions, and the chance to connect with experts.

Blogs: Expert-written engineering blogs offer industry insights, best practices, and case studies for engineers to read in their free time. Examples of engineering blogs include:

  • ME: 
    • IMechE: Founded in 1847, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers boasts over 100 thousand members in 140 countries, offering a comprehensive resource hub for mechanical engineers.
    • Mechanical Engineering HQ: A blog run by Ryan that simplifies engineering concepts for easy understanding with reliable insights on mechanical engineering.
  • EE: 
    • Electronics Weekly: An electronic magazine that was established for over 50 years and has reached over 120 thousand monthly readers. They cover electronic topics, host awards, and feature job boards.
    • EE Times: An online magazine for electrical engineers and gadget enthusiasts, covering a wide range of topics from product designs to news and business. 
  • MFG:
    • provides timely news and analysis on essential topics in the manufacturing industry through magazines, e-newsletters, guides, and webcasts.
    • Manufacturers Alliance: Founded in 1933, the Manufacturers Alliance is a non-profit organization that empowers manufacturing leaders and features news, events, conferences, and more.

Online Communities: Online communities bring a supportive space for continuous learning and networking opportunities. It connects engineers with similar professionals to exchange insights, tips, and project collaborations. Examples of online communities for engineers are:

By 2025, 50% of the workforce will need reskilling due to new tech integrations. It is predicted that one out of three essential skills is a new tech skill that is currently not seen as vital in today’s jobs. Engineers must stay updated by enhancing their digital skills to meet the constantly evolving demands of the tech industry. In addition, having fresh ideas, new information, and modern tools brings a higher chance for promotions in high-demand roles.

If you’re looking for exciting new opportunities to showcase your digital skills and boost your engineering career, connect with a SoloPoint Technical Recruiter today:

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