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Are There Any Remote Opportunities Left for Engineers?

The COVID-19 pandemic opened new doors for remote work in the engineering field, but as the world adjusted to the new normal, the availability of remote jobs for mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineers has become very limited.

Remote Work is Declining:

Hybrid Work is Increasing:

What does that mean for engineering job seekers?

With a need to build clearer communication, effective collaboration, and stronger team relationships, more companies will continue to ask engineers to work onsite or at least on a hybrid setup. This provides engineers with more access to specialized equipment, facilities, and direct guidance that can give them more opportunities for skill acquisition, field experience, and career growth. Working on-site and having face-to-face interactions with management and team members will be to the workers’ advantage.

How to navigate this tricky road?

  • Be reasonable – negotiate a win-win 

Explore hybrid schedules with hiring managers. Offer to be in the office for key activities on consecutive days, while working remotely the remainder of the month. Find the combination of on-site and remote that satisfy the needs of the team and management.

Make sure to deliver excellent work products to prove that remote work can be effective and productive.

Make yourself available – offer to come into the office for key meetings and customer activities

Build trust – Strong work product and a willingness to be available in the office will build trust and make remote or hybrid schedules more attractive for managers and team leaders.

If remote opportunities are scarce, it’s time to consider on-site work or hybrid arrangements to broaden your options for finding a suitable company.

  • Explore contingent opportunities

In addition to full-time or hybrid positions, consider exploring contingent or contract work as they may offer more flexibility in terms of where the work can be performed.

While the availability of fully remote jobs for engineers is becoming scarce, opportunities in flexible and hybrid setups are still high and in demand. The engineering field is constantly evolving and by staying adaptable, engineers can still thrive in roles that align with their skills and preferences.

If you’re looking for engineering positions that fit your work location preferences, connect with SoloPoint Technical Recruiter today. We have a mix of onsite and hybrid opportunities to help you find the right career fit.

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