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How AI Can and Can’t Be Used for Recruiting Engineers

Last year, Amazon shocked the world by offering buyouts to recruiters and considering the possibility of replacing them with AI software. A timing when AI is undeniably taking over the recruitment industry with its streamlined processes of candidate sourcing.

But as AI continues to impress tech giants worldwide, a burning question remains: can it truly replace recruiters in sourcing qualified candidates? The answer, however, is not a simple “yes” or “no,” especially when it comes to the crucial task of vetting high-level engineering candidates.

4’S – The Tangible Replaceable: 

When we speak of AI, we speak VOLUMES. AI can source a high volume of possible candidates since it can efficiently search, analyze, and process vast amounts of data from various sources or databases. And it’s not only limited to sourcing, with its capabilities, AI also has the potential to replace several tangible recruitment tasks:

  1. Sourcing Candidates: AI can search and scan various online platforms and databases for potential candidates and gather contacts of qualified leads (
  2. Screening Resumes: AI can employ boolean searches to identify candidate resumes that contain specific keywords or criteria relevant to the open position filtering applicants based on skills and qualifications (Workable).
  3. Skills Assessment: AI algorithms can rank candidates based on knowledge and performance-based test criteria providing faster and more efficient evaluation (Test Gorilla).
  4. Streamlining Process: AI can assist in various administrative or repetitive hiring processes like scheduling interviews (Calendly), email automation (Herefish), applicant tracking (Odoo), and background checks (Checkr).

3 C’s – The Intangible Irreplaceable: 

While AI can source high volumes of applicants, it cannot vet high-quality ones… yet. It still lacks the human intuition, emotional intelligence, and experience that recruiters bring to the table. In these intangible areas, recruiters are still essential:

  1. Cultural Assessment: Recruiters’ empathy and emotional intelligence provide them with the ability to evaluate if a candidate is a culture fit with the company’s values, goals, and team dynamics.
  2. Candidate Experience: Recruiters can influence the hiring experience of candidates by how they build relationships, provide constructive feedback, and offer support throughout the recruitment process.
  3. Critical Thinking: Recruiters can provide human judgment and decision-making skills to evaluate candidates beyond technical qualifications.

AI is advancing, but it cannot replace the “human touch” of recruiters needed for selecting top-notch candidates. While AI can efficiently provide a pool of applicants, recruiters remain crucial for both tech startups and tech giants in selecting the right candidate.

If you want to find the “right fit” candidate who not only possesses the required skills but aligns seamlessly with your company culture, connect with a SoloPoint Solutions staffing expert today to utilize the “human touch” in your hiring process.

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