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How To Avoid Being Ghosted By Potential Employers

Have you ever been ghosted after a job interview? 

Ghosting is not something from a horror movie – it’s a phenomenon when someone stops all communication after initial contact.

According to a survey by Greenhouse Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), 75% of 1,500 global workers said they have been ghosted by an employer after an interview.  

Here are some tangible solutions a candidate can take to prevent being ghosted and receive a response from a prospective employer after an interview:


80% of hiring managers and recruiters say receiving a “thank you” note is helpful for them in gauging the candidate’s interest in joining the company, but only 26% of interviewed candidates would send one. 

Alicia King, an executive for the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM), said, “I believe applicants should still send thank-you notes. HR managers and the interview team do actually read them and it shows that a candidate is truly invested in the role and interested in working for the company.”

A “thank you” note is an opportunity for the candidate to stay top-of-mind to the interviewers, and act as a reminder of their alignment with the role’s requirements and the company’s values. 

10-14 DAYS AFTER THE INTERVIEW: Send a follow-up email

If you’re nearing 2 weeks with no communication from the interviewers, it would be to your advantage to send a follow-up email. On average, a job posting typically gets 118 applicants. Out of those applicants, 20% get moved to the interview round. Following up is an easy way to stand out from the competition.  

Melissa McClung, a career adviser, said, “The most common mistake I see people making after the interview is not following up. Following up is essential.”

A follow-up email shows your enthusiasm for joining the company and a reminder of how you can add value. It also gives you the opportunity to inquire about the company’s hiring timeline or address any hiring hesitancy that may have come up during the interview. 

4-5 WEEKS AFTER THE INTERVIEW: Ask for feedback

It’s easy to assume that you may have been rejected after one month of no response… However, rather than cutting ties with the company, there may be some opportunities to re-engage with them. In a final follow-up email, include the following:

  • Include a brief sentence thanking them for meeting with you and include the date and time of your interview. This will jog their memory based on that timeframe. 
  • If the position is still advertised online, ask the employer for an updated status. Has it been filled? Are they still actively looking?
    • If it has been filled, invite the interviewer to provide feedback on the areas where you fell short. This shows the employer your flexibility and openness in receiving constructive criticism.
  • Reiterate your enthusiasm for the company’s future ventures and ask to be considered for upcoming vacancies.

Though there are no guarantees that these steps will prevent ghosting completely, these efforts show employers that you’re a highly engaged candidate who’s greatly invested in joining their organization and will therefore increase the likelihood of receiving a response.

These are the tips SoloPoint Solutions have shared with our candidates as they pursue roles in engineering or other areas.  Our goal is to provide sound advice so our candidates have the best chances of landing their next mechanical, electrical, or manufacturing engineering job. 

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