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Unpredictable Job Market? Here’s How A Specialized Staffing Firm Can Help!

The current labor market is registering strong numbers with the recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data reporting 11.4 million job openings in April and the unemployment rate is holding steady at 3.6% in May. 

And yet… current news of hiring freezes and mass layoffs are foretelling the tides may be turning soon.

It can be challenging to attempt a job change in this mixed-signal environment. Leveraging a technical recruiter with industry knowledge can help your job search.

Technical staffing firms who are specialized in particular industries or engineering disciplines will typically have insights into employers in their network who may have hiring needs, especially during periods of uncertainty:

  • In times of economic downturns, companies go into cash conservation mode by reducing headcount but will typically invest in Research and Development.   This often means that the  R&D team will be able to add headcount to fill a few key roles.
  • During times of cost-cutting, engineering positions are often not posted.  Companies avoid posting jobs while they are reducing headcount.  Hiring in key areas is done discreetly, using an active search strategy that leverages trusted staffing partners.
  • Niche technical recruiters are able to present their candidates to multiple employers with similar engineering needs. This economy of scale creates great efficiency for the job seeker.
  • Specialized staffing firms will have visibility on contingent positions during periods in which companies are laying off or freezing full-time hiring.  Contingent positions are often not posted (especially during a layoff) and are typically filled by active sourcing.


Working with a recruiter can help engineering job seekers find a new role in times of unpredictability. To see how SoloPoint Solutions can help you find your next engineering position, visit our job board or contact us today:

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