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Tools for Success for Remote Engineers

Remote Tools For Engineers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 42% of the U.S. workforce is working from home. Labor experts say this will not be a temporary occurrence but rather a start of a new business model. In a study conducted by Gartner, 82% of 127 management personnel said they are planning to continue allowing their employees to work remotely, at least part of the time, even after the pandemic restrictions have been lifted.

With this new outlook, what tools are employers using to help their workers perform their tasks from home and sustain productivity?

For engineers who are in creative or design-centric roles (R&D roles such as mechanical, electrical, and software engineering) access to software and productivity tools are essential in performing their work.

Fortunately, Remote Desktop software is widely available and enables workers to access and manage work computers from any device anywhere.

Some of the more popular tools are:

Now that remote work is possible, how are projects and productivity being managed? This is where project management tools can be beneficial to oversee workers’ productivity and team collaboration. Software programs that follow Agile fundamentals are popular among companies within the manufacturing sector.

Here are some popular project management tools:

At SoloPoint Solutions, we have been working closely with our clients to support remote mechanical, electrical, software, and manufacturing engineers. Since the pandemic began we have helped numerous companies transition their R&D teams to work remotely, as well as helped form new teams to tackle new projects and deadlines.

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