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What Was Seen At MD&M West 2018

Thousands of engineering and manufacturing professionals attended and exhibited at this year’s MD&M West Show. This event, which took place on February 6-8, 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center, had the largest assembly of medical technology suppliers in the country.

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Seen at the show were new trends and innovations in medical manufacturing. Here are some of the exhibitors from this year’s show:

World renowned industrial automation supplier for the medical industry and other markets, Omron Automation’s table-tennis playing robot, FORPHEUS was one of the most popular demonstrations at the expo. Omron’s core technologies, which include advanced mechanical motions and Artificial Intelligence (AI), were on full display as FORPHEUS played ping pong against an Omron personnel.

Santa Clara, California-based company DPSS Lasers was also demonstrating one of their newest products, the Samurai UV Laser. Dubbed as “Cold Laser” marking, this UV Laser allows for high precision marking with lower power level. Among the many advantages of using the “Cold Laser” method is being able to mark and engrave materials such as ceramics, plastics and metals without causing any damage, and can be used in different applications such as product coding, Micromachining, Sapphire Scribing, ITO Removal, Semiconductor, and Medical Packaging.

Headquartered within the Orange County region, Liquidmetal Technologies showcased their amorphous alloy at the MD&M Show by giving attendants a demonstration part – two identical pieces that lock together, demonstrating the precision, durability and finish of Liquidmetal. Ideal for creating parts or products that require non-magnetic materials with the hardness of metal and the malleability of plastic, Liquidmetal can be applied to medical devices such as suturing equipment, minimally invasive surgical devices and even implantable devices.

Another Bay Area company that exhibited at the MD&M Show is torque tool solutions specialist, Mountz, Inc. They displayed their latest array of assembly automation tools and torque measuring equipment. Among their products is the EZ-Glider Position Control Torque Arm. Its ability to bend like an elbow allows it to be placed in different positions for various applications, and its error-proofing capabilities helps manufacturers detect and eliminate costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process.

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