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Picking a Recruiting Firm: 5 Mistakes that Could Cost You Great Engineering Jobs

Choosing a recruiting firm is an important decision.  A recruiting firm that provides a poor fit for your career goals may offer little support, or may continually direct you to job openings that are unsuitable for your aspirations.

To ensure you choose the right recruiting firm for your needs, it’s important to avoid these five common mistakes:

  1. Choosing a general recruiting firm. Many recruiting firms offer generalized “staffing services,” but not all of them specialize in placing engineers. When a recruiting firm doesn’t focus on engineers, its recruiters are less likely know what a competitive salary and benefits package should include, or what positions are best suited to move your career forward.
  2. Assuming “more” means “better.” Staffing firms with a national reach boast more connections, but these connections may be shallow at best – and they may not result in job recommendations that match your career goals or provide the environment in which you do your best work.
  3. Letting the recruiter decide what you want. What did you like most about your last job or jobs? What did you like least? How would you describe your ideal boss? If you can’t answer these questions, you leave yourself at the mercy of your recruiter to match you to job openings as best they can. Answer them, and you help your recruiter tailor their search to jobs that will work for you.
  4. Not preparing for your own interview. Your interview with your recruiter is your chance to demonstrate your skills as a candidate and to discuss your career plans and goals with a person who is uniquely equipped to help you meet them. When you fail to prepare, you deprive yourself of the full benefits of a relationship with your recruiter.
  5. Treating communication as a one-way street. Recruiters appreciate regular feedback from the candidates they assist. Whether a job opening turned out to be promising or a disaster, send your recruiter a brief email or pick up the phone and provide feedback. The more communication you participate in, the more you get from the process.

The Takeaways:

To choose the best recruiting firm for you:

  • Work with recruiters who focus on placing engineers in your field of work and in the geographic area you’d like to occupy.
  • Think about the types of positions that work best for you, as well as your career goals.
  • Communicate regularly with your recruiter, starting with your preparation for your initial meeting and interview, and continuing through regular phone calls and emails.

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