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Hiring Team Can’t Agree on a Candidate? Here’s What to Do

Having two or more outstanding candidates from which to choose is an enviable position.  Less enviable is the situation in which the candidates are outstanding, but the hiring team is deadlocked on which one to hire.

Here are some suggestions for resolving a hiring team conflict over which candidate to hire:

Put emotions aside.

You may find yourself in disagreement with people you know well, or people you are merely acquainted with.  You may like the other members of the hiring team, or you may dislike them.  And your preference for a certain candidate may be emotional as well; you may simply like one of them more than the other.

Regardless of the mix you find yourself in, it’s important to set your emotions aside and focus on the issue at hand.  Your goal is to convince the other members of the hiring team to agree on a candidate; and to do that, you’ll need facts and evidence.

Schedule a meeting.

It’s easier to keep saying “no” through a computer screen than it is to say it face to face.  Instead of continuing to battle over email, schedule a meeting to talk through the issue and see if the team can come to an agreement.  Being able to watch nonverbal language and body cues – and have yours seen by the other person – can help you both empathize and work toward a mutual understanding.

Build your case.

Rely on facts and information in order to generate support for a particular candidate.  When listening to the opposition’s support for a different candidate, seek facts and information in their position as well.  Then, use your facts to respond to theirs: “You say you like Candidate A because her productivity is high.  But Candidate B posted numbers two percent higher than Candidate A’s last quarter at their respective jobs.”

Seek understanding, but don’t force agreement.

Frame the discussion as an attempt to understand one another’s positions, rather than an attempt to demand or force an agreement.  “Why do you feel that way about Candidate A?” is a much stronger position than “we have to choose one” – and it can help everyone involved find a satisfactory resolution.

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