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2017 Hiring Trends: How to Find Great Engineering Talent

Ongoing hiring trends in the new year include increasing wages, a greater reliance on contract workers and a desire to become more educated and flexible when it comes to hiring.  Here’s what you need to know.

Major Hiring Trends in 2017

The biggest upcoming hiring trends this year currently include:

  • Increased pay. Two-thirds of employers nationwide are planning to increase wages, particularly for skilled workers such as engineers, in order to become more competitive in a tighter hiring environment.
  • Added reliance on temp or contract talent. Most employers expect to need additional talent in 2017, and just over half (51%) plan to turn to skilled contract or temp workers in order to finish special projects on time.
  • Routinization of mobile hiring efforts. Companies whose hiring process isn’t simple to access via mobile devices are seeing themselves lose access to top talent.  A seamless mobile approach to recruiting will be essential.
  • An added emphasis on training. In one poll, 55 percent of companies said that they expect to train the staff they need, because they believe experienced candidates will be in short supply.

How to Leverage Hiring Trends to Your Company’s Advantage

Finding skilled engineers can be difficult in an environment in which their abilities are in high demand.  In addition to keeping pace with the biggest hiring trends in the coming year, it is also essential to avail yourself of additional help when you need it.

For many businesses, their recruiting firms present a significant untapped resource.  Leveraging your recruiter’s ability to find qualified talent in your industry and geographic area is only the first step.  To gain a competitive edge in hiring in 2017, leverage your recruiter’s significant knowledge base as well.  Talk about ways to use the latest hiring trends to improve your ability to appeal to – and to recruit – the most qualified candidates available.

Key Takeaways

  • Pay more, train more, hire temps, go mobile: these are the most significant hiring trends of 2017.
  • Recruiters offer a great source of information and personalized insight.
  • Talk to your recruiter to learn how to leverage hiring trends in a way that draws better candidates to your company.

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