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4 Job Searching Trends You Should Leverage

Some job-search trends are distracting “bells and whistles” meant to make you feel more productive without actually accomplishing anything.  Others can actually give a needed boost to your job search.  How do you tell which is which?  Here, we’ve collected the top four job-search trends you should leverage to move your search forward.

Network without leaving your laptop.

Social media sites make it easier than ever for you to connect, demonstrate your knowledge and help others.  Start by ensuring your own social media profiles show a professional view of you to the world and underline your strongest “soft skills,” such as communication, empathy or team spirit.  Then, use LinkedIn to create a strong professional profile and join the conversation with other professionals in industries or companies that interest you.

Go mobile.

More and more employers are making their websites and job application platforms accessible via mobile devices, which makes it easier than ever for you to browse job postings or read up on a potential employer while you’re on the go.  Use your smartphone or tablet to gather information; then hit the laptop or desktop when it’s time to draft your cover letter or get your resume “just right.”

Demand the brand.

Employers with a strong “employment brand” are committed to sharing their inner personality, the success stories of their teams and what it’s like to work with them.  When seeking employers, look for those that offer a strong employment brand that fits well with your personality and career goals.  If an employer can’t express “what it’s like to be one of us” in a way you can easily grasp, think twice – they may not offer the strong support your career deserves.

Connect with your recruiter.

Staffing partners enjoy staying on top of the latest job-search trends, as well as having the “inside scoop” on the employers, job openings and opportunities that can supercharge your career.  Talk to your recruiter to find out what options are available and learn new ways to find the fulfilling work you want.

At SoloPoint Solutions, our recruiters can help you use the newest job-search trends to your advantage in order to find a great new job.  Contact us today to learn more about our engineering employment opportunities in Mission Viejo and beyond.