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Are You Asking the Right Questions in Your Engineering Job Interview?

When you prepare for an interview, you’re probably focused on the questions you’ll have to answer – from classics like “Why do you want to work here?” to specifics focused on engineering problems.

But if you only prepare to answer someone else’s questions, you’re missing half the opportunity an interview provides.  By asking questions of your own, you delve deeper into whether this company is the right place for you to build a career – and you demonstrate your genuine interest in and enthusiasm for the work, two qualities that set you apart from other candidates.

Here are some of the most useful questions to ask at an engineering job interview:

How does this company/team measure success?  How will I know if I’m succeeding?

As in any engineering problem, the measurements for success should be objective and concrete. You should know what the goal is and have a clear idea how to get there – and when you do, it should be obvious that you have succeeded. A company that doesn’t offer clear measurements and goals for success may be one that does not adequately support your advancement or growth.

What opportunities for onboarding and ongoing professional development will I have here?

This question focuses on two areas: onboarding (the education you’ll receive when you first join the team) and professional development (continuing education to help you stay current with changes in your field). Any company that is invested in the growth of its professional talent will have a plan to support you in both areas.

What do you like best about working here?

Asking this question can give you a glimpse into the company’s culture. If the interviewer becomes more animated and enthusiastically describes your ideal workplace, great! This company might be a good fit for you. If the interviewer doesn’t describe a place you’d love to work – or worse, doesn’t seem to enjoy anything at all about working for the company – consider moving this company down your list of prospective employers.

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