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SoloPoint Team Profile: Meet Molly

SoloPoint Solutions prides itself as a leading provider of engineering talent. Our team works tirelessly in pairing the right engineers for the right position and company. Among this group of talented individuals is Molly Noori.

Molly has been with SoloPoint since 2011 and works a dual role of business development and engineering recruiting. She is a dedicated individual who strives to understand the critical requirements of engineering positions and also to understand the breadth and depth of her candidates’ technical expertise. This understanding enables her to make impactful placements for both her clients and candidates. In her tenure at SoloPoint, she has successfully placed  numerous mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and manufacturing engineers in different companies.

Her success is attributed to her extensive professional background where her clients were primarily within the mechanical engineering field. Prior to SoloPoint Solutions, Molly worked for 10 years at two different engineering consulting companies that provided MCAD software, training, and support.

“I partnered with the clients to become a trusted advisor and go-to person for all of their technology needs,” Molly said. “I met with clients regularly to understand their product development process and work with them on implementing the optimal software and training solutions.

Molly has a strong command of what design tools  engineers need to accomplish their product development goals. She said, “I’m well versed in the types of design tools out in the market and what CAD packages engineers utilize to get their job done.”

With this experience, she was able to bring to SoloPoint not only her technical expertise, but a relatability that her clients and engineering candidates value. As a partner to her clients, Molly takes the time to understand what each hiring managers require of their new hires by learning about the company’s products, processes and work environment.

As a recruiter, Molly said, “My number one priority is to understand my candidates’ career goals, short term and long term.  I strive to help them make the right decision professionally and personally”

For any of your engineering hiring needs or potential career change, call Molly or any of SoloPoint’s dedicated team members at (866)626-3322.