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Controlling the Costs of CAD Training for Your Team

If you’re company is in engineering, you don’t need us to tell you just how expensive keeping up with CAD can be. This is a vital part of your business and of course, it’s an ever-changing industry. You already know how much new software and materials cost, but are you aware of just how much your business could be losing if your team doesn’t stay on top of these changes?

Failing to keep up with your competition is not an option. There’s more to staying current than purchasing new software – you’ve also got to invest in training your employees how to use it and keeping them fresh on what is changing.

Another common issue is needing to use CAD only on a rare basis. How do you justify purchasing all of those licenses and training employees when you’re only going to need to use it a few times a year or less? If your company only has a rare need to use CAD, this is definitely an issue that can break the bank.

How can the average company handle these costs? SoloPoint Solutions has the answer to that question. Their SoloCAD service provides companies large and small with a solution that is designed to adapt to fit unique needs.

SoloCAD provides support for Pro/Engineer, Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Dell, HP and Lenovo CAD software and provides businesses with a way to quickly scale up and then scale back as needed – without incurring the huge costs associated with buying software licenses, equipment and employee training.

Not only can they provide support, they also have a team of already trained engineers who can quickly get to work on your project when you need them. No extensive training needed and no unneeded employees when your CAD needs are no longer there. Even if you are not used to outsourcing, the benefits (and savings) of having a trained team ready to work, and not having to pay more for software is definitely something that most of today’s companies can agree is a huge benefit.

If you’re struggling with managing your CAD costs, it’s time to think about what SoloCAD can do for your company. Give us a call today to get more information on this special program as well as our current pricing.