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Bringing Manufacturing To California

Manufacturing is an important step in an engineering production process. Over the previous decades, companies have outsourced their manufacturing needs to other countries to cut costs and fulfill mass volume orders.  In the turn of the millennium, however, there was a new trend where manufacturing companies are moving their production facilities to the United States. recently featured an article entitled, “Why It’s Time to Bring Manufacturing Back Home to the U.S.”, written by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Senior Lecturer Thomas Roemer. The article featured beneficial factors in “reshoring” manufacturing back to America.

The factors he outlined included the decrease in workers’ wage gap between overseas and U.S. workers, the emerging demand for “Made in the USA” products and the multiple advantages of storing and shipping inventories locally.

One of the greatest benefits of reshoring is the growth in job demand for local manufacturing professionals. The Employment Development Department (EDD) for the State of California recently reported that employment within the manufacturing industry has grown by 18,000 within 3 months in 2015.

Among those companies experiencing growth is Evolve Manufacturing Technologies who just opened their newest facility in Fremont. Evolve is a contract manufacturer that provides solutions for precise mechanical and electro-mechanical products for various industries. Evolve counts household-name companies such as Tesla Motors and Boston Scientific as clients.

On February 26, Evolve had an open house with the mayor of Fremont included in attendance. Mayor Bill Harrison said during the event, “Manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries in the Bay Area, and Fremont is well positioned to accommodate that growth. We couldn’t be more pleased to have Evolve join the ranks of Fremont’s advanced manufacturers, a list of 900, and look forward to supporting their ongoing success.”

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