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Maximize Employment Chances With a Professional Cover Letter

You already know how competitive the job market is right now and how difficult it can be to land an interview, yet alone a position. When you’re going up against hundreds of other qualified candidates, you need something that is going to help you stand out from the crowd. You’ve already put a lot of work into your resume, but there’s one more thing you need to do to ensure that you get an interview.

The cover letter is an often overlooked part of the job application process. Here’s what you need to know to write a professional and compelling cover letter that will convince hiring managers to give you an interview.

Personalize Your Opening

Nothing hurts your chances more than a generic “to whom it may concern” opening. Do your research and find out the name of the person responsible for hiring that position. If you can’t find it online, call the company and ask for the person’s name. If your letter is personalized, you’ll be making that step towards creating a connection with the hiring manager and it shows that you are interested enough in the position to take the time to find out this information.

Highlight What Makes You a Unique Candidate

Instead of a generic “I want to apply, here’s my resume” approach, you can use your cover letter as a chance to impress the hiring manager. Discuss which of your skills makes you a uniquely qualified candidate for the position. While you do want to keep your cover letter to one page, you should have more than enough space to mention why you feel you are well suited to the job. You’ve got to get them interested in learning more about you as a person and a candidate and this is a great way to spark their interest.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

It goes without saying that you don’t want your cover letter to be littered with mistakes, but you would be surprised at how many letters truly slaughter the English language and keep candidates from landing an interview. Take the time to print out your letter, read it aloud and make sure you go slowly enough to catch any errors. It’s also helpful to read it backwards. This will slow your brain down and help you catch any potential errors.

Your cover letter is your foot in the door that will get them to read your resume and pursue you as a candidate. Make sure you take the time to individualize each letter and try to make a connection with the reader.

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