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Top Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid

As an interviewer, you’re going to be prepared to focus on the candidate, waiting to spot any mistakes or trouble signs they may display. In fact, it is all too easy to focus so much on your candidate that you end up making a few mistakes of your own. Quite often, it’s going to be this interview that determines whether or not a candidate is a good fit. Let’s look at a few mistakes you’re going to want to avoid during this process to ensure that you’re going to get the best possible candidate for the job.

Avoiding tough questions – If you tend to be someone who doesn’t like putting people on the spot, asking a candidate probing or tough questions can be very difficult for you. You’ll have to go against your nature and prepare some tough questions to see how your candidates handle pressure and how they respond. Avoiding these questions can be disastrous because you won’t get a true picture of the candidate’s personality and you may hire the wrong candidate for the job.

Allowing the candidate to dictate the interview – When you are dealing with a candidate who has a strong personality, you never want to let them steer the direction of your interview. In this type of scenario, your candidate will begin questioning you and redirecting the scope of your questions. This can be very common in sales positions, but anytime you are dealing with this type of personality it can be frustrating. When you have a candidate who tries to take over, make sure you consistently steer it back and keep them on task.

Becoming jaded – As you know all too well, when you’re dealing with numerous candidates, particularly in an industry where there is high-turn around, it is very easy to become jaded. When you take on this attitude, invariably, the candidates can seem to all blend together and you look at them differently. If you feel that are you are becoming jaded, remind yourself that there are some great candidates out there and you will find them. The process may be irritating and dull, but if you have the right attitude it will produce a great candidate.

Having the right attitude and a solid hiring process will help you avoid these common mistakes in the hiring process.

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