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Engineering Helps Develop New Medical Device for Spinal Cord Stimulation

Back injuries have stymied doctors for years. Even the smallest injury to this vital nerve center can mean a lifelong of pain and in the case of FBSS or Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, where surgery actually makes the problem worse, patients had no choice but to accept pain. While we are still years away from expecting the ability to completely cure back and spinal injuries, there are some exciting new advances in this field of research that carry much hope for patients.

New Advances

Medtronic recently announced that they were opening up trials on a new type of spinal cord stimulation device that has the potential to help doctors heal nerve pathways and block pain receptors to the brain. This means that patients living with chronic back pain and struggling with the limited options for pain relief may soon be able to experience life without constant pain.

300 patients were enrolled in this study, which is going to gauge their response to spinal cord stimulation and study the short and long term affects of this course of treatment. The data will be used to help hospitals decide on the cost effectiveness of this treatment and whether or not these stimulators would be a good investment for their patients.

What This Could Mean For The Future

While spinal cord research is still years from developing a complete cure for back injuries, there is obviously hope in the future for those affected by these life changing and devastating injuries. As this research evolves, it is entirely possible that within a decade or two, what used to mean irreparable damage will instead give the patient options for treatment and the ability to heal and regain movement in their limbs.

This also means that there is going to be high demand for scientists and engineers who are interested in this field of research. If you are currently seeking your engineering degree and have a love for health care and the desire to make an impact on thousands of lives, this field of study would be rewarding in many different ways.

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