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Cold Calling Professionally to Make New Connections and Find a New Job

If you’ve reached an impasse in your job search, or if you simply want to transition your career, there are a few techniques you can try to improve your luck. The first step is getting your name out there and networking with the right people. If you don’t have a networking event or local event coming up, that doesn’t mean you can’t network, it just means you’re going to need to go about it a little differently.

Cold calling is typically associated with sales, but it can be a very powerful tool in your job searching arsenal. Instead of calling prospects however, you’ll be cold calling professionally to help you find the job you really want.

The first step is getting your list of “prospects” together. Gather information on the companies you would be interested in working for and find out who the decision makers are. Confirm all of your information before adding the person to your list. You can do this by speaking with assistants and researching the company online.

Once you’ve got your list together, you’ll need to put together a script. While you don’t want to actually read from the script while you’re talking to these people, it will help you feel more prepared and ensure that you cover all that you need to say during your conversation. Make a list of bullet points and memorize what you want to say to the people you’ll be talking to. Remember, don’t read word for word, just use your script to get comfortable and confident.

Your first cold call will be the most stressful, so pick a smaller company to start with. This will help you build the confidence to tackle the bigger companies later. Start your conversation and remember that it’s a conversation, not a sales pitch. This is about making a good impression and building lasting contacts, not a quick “sale.”

It may take a few tries to get your approach honed, but keep trying. You’ll be building up a powerful list of people who can help you find a job. Even if they don’t have something right now, chances are they know someone who does need your services. Be patient and focus on relationship building and you’ll be able to find a job in much less time than a traditional job search.

If you find that you’re not making much headway, try branching out and getting out of your comfort zone a little. You never know, you may find a better job in a related field that you will really enjoy.

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