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Chip Technology: Intel’s Neuromorphic Design

Even though computer chips are incredibly capable at processing and transmitting information, they’re still light years away from the capability of the human brain. Our brains are literally marvels of technology, utilizing neurons to quickly transmit data in an incredibly efficient way. Scientists have long envied the abilities of the brain and for several decades, they have attempted to replicate this ability in computer chips.

While some processes can be mimicked, to date, the efforts have been slow and the proto-types have been expensive. This may change however, thanks to some new innovations from Intel. The company recently unveiled their new neuromorphic chip design which is strides beyond any other chip and has the potential with further innovation to come as close as possible to mimicking the action of the human brain.

What’s even better, is this new neuromorphic technology is even more energy efficient. The human brain functions by having neurons send short bursts of electricity along pathways, whereas a computer chip sends a continuous stream of energy on its pathways. By getting closer to the way the human brain functions, less energy is needed, without compromising the speed or quality of the data transfer.

The human brain may soon have some real competition thanks to these chips, but it will still take years and numerous advancements to come close to the efficient thinking machine in our heads. However, it is entirely possible that within the next few years, researchers will continue to make surprising strides in this technology. Even if they cannot completely replicate the actions of the human brain in a computer chip, scientists are learning to create more efficient chips that work better, use less energy and accomplish almost as much as we can do with our minds.

 Eventually, these advances will help make personal computing faster, and will also help consumers save a dramatic amount on the energy required to power their computers.

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