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Harnessing the Power of CAD

Computer Aided Design, or CAD, has revolutionized the design industry. It can take designs to an entirely new level, while making it easier and faster for designers to come up with a stellar finished product.
There are numerous benefits to using CAD, such as:
1. Speeding up the entire process. Projects that used to take a designer weeks or months to complete can now be accomplished in a matter of days or even hours. This translates into moving into production in much less time, which in turn means a faster path to profits.
2. A more intuitive design process. Instead of getting bogged down with tiny details and laborious small changes, designers can automate much of the process. This allows them to focus on the bigger picture.
3. Higher product quality. CAD design enables designers to spot potential flaws, and assists in creating prototypes and designs that are real-world ready.
The next issue facing companies seeking CAD designers is finding the right people who know how to truly harness the power of this tool. No two designers are created equal and while it is easy to claim that they have CAD skills, these skill-sets can differ greatly.
Discovering which potential hires have the right skill-set is a vital step of the hiring process. You simply cannot take someone at their word, or even by their samples. The only true way to narrow down the talent pool is to conduct CAD based testing.
This provides companies with real-world results that highlight which designer will be the most useful to the company. Instead of relying on a resume, you can get an actual look at who has the most talent and who is capable of utilizing this tool to the utmost. This in turn will lead to faster turn-around times, higher profits and a better design process.