Microscopic Medical Propeller Could Pioneer Medical Treatment Options

We’ve seen numerous advances in nanotech over the past year, and none perhaps affected society as much as the smart-watch – a long awaited device that science fiction fans have pined over for years. But, this is not the only big thing happening in nanotech. In fact, there are a host of new surprises, and… Read more »

Engineers Develop New Energy Source Powered by Saliva

In these days of green energy, several methods of producing energy are being studied, but none may be as unexpected as saliva. Yes, that’s right, researchers may have found a way to produce energy with standard spit. In a report featured in a recent issue of Nature Publishing Group’s Asia Materials, a research group published… Read more »

Engineering Contributes to Creation of “Bionic” Eye for the Blind

A cure for blindness has long been thought to be nearly impossible, but thanks to the efforts of the people at Second Sight Medical Products, the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System may change all of that. This new “bionic” eye has already been used to help 60 people affected with partial blindness and the results… Read more »

New Robot Combines Sensor Technology with Adaptive Mechanics for Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process for stroke victims can be long and painful. If the stroke has a large impact on the communication centers of the brain, it can be difficult for patients to communicate to their physical therapist which can create further issues during the rehabilitation process. Engineers are developing systems to respond to this need,… Read more »