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What Engineering Job Seekers Really Want

Engineers are a hot commodity. 🔥

The national unemployment rate for engineers is 1.7%. Job Openings within the manufacturing industry (where R&D engineers are typically categorized) rose by 9% in March with an additional 75,000 vacancies compared to the previous month.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers reflected on the value of matters outside of work, the overall purpose of their job, and their ideal work arrangements. Given these personal variables, along with the extreme talent shortage, engineering candidates are including non-traditional benefits as part of their job offer negotiations. Outside of salary and added compensation, here are some items that are trending high in job seekers’ wish lists:

  • Schedule FlexibilityAccording to Indeed, 52% of all job seekers say the ability to work flexible hours is one of the most important benefits they consider when deciding to accept a job. In comparison, 33% say it is among their top three factors when applying for a new role. Notably, flexibility requests are higher among women (39%) compared to their male counterparts (27%). This is likely because women continue to bear the brunt of childcare. Having flexible hours can accommodate family-related obligations.


  • Work LocationIn Joblist’s 2022 Job Market Report, 61% of job seekers say they are looking for a remote job in 2022. Remote job interest differs by gender and age. Women are more interested in finding remote jobs than men (70% compared to 54%). While younger job seekers show a higher level of interest than older ones, as 73% of 20 to 49-year-olds say they are looking for a remote job in 2022 compared to 59% of those 50 and older.


  • Job Development Training – During the COVID-19 lockdowns, many workers self-examined their long-term job security and assessed if their skills could be expendable. Employers need to provide training on how to use new technologies being implemented in the workplace, as well as teach new skills so that workers have job options should automation take over their role. In PWC’s “Future of Recruiting” report, more than a third (37%) of job seekers said they’d be willing to take a pay cut for a chance to learn new skills. The same percentage said they see upskilling opportunities as the most important factor in deciding on a new job, after salary and benefits.


There’s a lot to consider when contemplating a job change. From job hunting to offer negotiations, working with a technical recruiter can help you land your dream engineering job without needing to bargain with a prospective employer. To see our current vacancies, contact SoloPoint Solutions today and one of our helpful recruiters will reach out to you immediately:

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