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We’re In This Together!


Given the current public health situation and disruptions in nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives, we are all craving a sense of normalcy right now. We want our clients and candidates to know that SoloPoint is 100% engaged and are here to provide support as we always have been.

The entire SoloPoint staff is fully connected and can be reached via all the traditional channels of communications. We remain at the disposal of and ready to support our clients and candidates while taking all the necessary precautions as prescribed by state and local health authorities.


  • We continue to execute on all jobs and projects’ requirements
  • We are in active communication with all in-progress candidates who have been presented or who are in the interview process
  • We maintain active communication with contract employees to advise them of any changes or instructions
  • We are available to take immediate action as more employment advisories are given by the state, federal and health organizations
  • We support off-site video candidate interviews to maintain hiring momentum
  • We have the necessary workstations and CAD licensing for your SoloPoint workers


  • We are actively working with your managers to ensure instructions are communicated and to minimize disruptions or loss of productivity
  • Our Accounting Staff are fully available to help with timecard and payroll questions and to ensure that you receive your paychecks
  • We continue to support our benefits administrators to ensure your health and dental inquiries and requests are addressed immediately
  • If you’re ill and are unable to go to work for a certain amount of time, you can reach any of our staff members for assistance


  • We are fully engaged with our clients regarding their open requirements and your submission status
  • We are actively scheduling interviews and will be communicating updates and feedback as they become available
  • We will contact you as new positions which meet your requirements arise
  • We are available via e-mail, phone, text, and Skype IMs for any and all inquiries regarding our engineering opportunities

We are in this together!

If you’d like to speak with one of our helpful team members, we can be reached at (408) 246-5945 for our Bay Area customers and at (714) 708-3639 for our Southern California customers.
We will keep you posted on any changes or developments as we learn more from our local officials on safety protocols to implement for ourselves and our customers.

Despite this stressful time, we wish you and your families continued good health and happiness.


All of us at SoloPoint Solutions