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Essential Web Tools For Job Seekers

There are many tools that are available online and in your smartphone’s app store that can make the job search process easier for you. From finding job openings to getting a reminder for interview follow-ups, these tools can make job seeking more convenient and streamlined.

The following are online resources that we recommend:

There are many job search sites out on the web with hundreds of job listings, but you need to use one that will A) Make finding the right job easier and B) Streamline the application process.

Zip Recruiter is a website that launched in 2010 but is quickly climbing up the ranks as one of the top job search sites in the nation. With Zip Recruiter, after building your profile and uploading your resume, relevant job postings are immediately sent to you via e-mail. When you do a search directly on Zip Recruiter, its algorithm is designed to display the jobs most related to your profile, saving you time from scouring multiple pages worth of irrelevant job postings. One of the biggest hassles when it comes to job searching is actually applying to jobs. With Zip Recruiter, you save time applying to multiple jobs by utilizing the “Quick Apply” button. This allows users to send resume to the job posters with one click.

Oftentimes, companies and recruiters use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) tools to filter only the candidates that are highly matched to their job post. What ATS tools typically do is make a keyword by keyword match of the job description to the applicant’s resume, and if the applicant lacks several keywords, then the ATS filters them out. Though it’s not a sure-fire way of getting the “right” candidate, it’s how companies can sort through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of job applicants. So how can you make sure your resume will be viewed and not be filtered out?

Use the Jobscan resume optimization tool. With Jobscan, you can review your resume’s compatibility with the jobs you’re applying to ensure you are a high match.

In this hot job market, employers are no longer waiting for candidates to apply to their job posting. Instead they utilize tools such as LinkedIn to find candidates and lure them make a career transition. As a job seeker, having a LinkedIn profile is not only beneficial for networking purposes, but also a great tool to signal to hiring managers that you’re in the job market and that you’re open to be contacted for opportunities.

As a Mechanical Engineer who has had years’ worth of experience developing products, showing off your design portfolio as part of your job application could give you leverage over the other candidates. Gone are the days when you have to wait for an in-person interview to show off CAD drawings and models; in this millennium, you can include a link to your online portfolio in your resume for hiring managers to view. Making a website from scratch is not an easy feat but there are many DIY sites that allow you to use pre-built templates and add in images and content.

One of the easiest tools to use is Strikingly has a user-friendly interface that lets people with no HTML or CSS coding skills create beautiful websites that are optimized for desktop and mobile device viewing.

When applying to multiple jobs, it’s easy to lose track of which ones you applied to or which ones are booked for interviews. Use the Job Hero web browser extension to track the jobs you applied to and track your application’s progression all on one page. This is a great tool to use for setting up interviews and adding follow up reminders. If you’re contemplating between a couple of offers, you can also use this tool to review the original job posts.

Though all these web tools are ideal for doing your own job search, engaging with a knowledgeable recruiter can also make transitioning to a new career easier. At SoloPoint Solutions, we help hundreds of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineers make their next great career move. Check out our current open positions or call us today at (408)246-5945 or (714)708-3639!