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2018 Engineering Career Outlook

Engineering is a fast-changing field, which means understanding the top trends can help you find the career opportunities you’re looking for. Here, we talk about the engineering forecast for California in the coming year and how to leverage this information in your job search.

California Engineering Trends 2018: What’s Ahead?

Engineering stands to be a candidate’s market in 2018. Engineering positions in manufacturing and similar fields are increasing, particularly in the Bay Area, as companies grow. The demand for software engineers several fields is staying steady as well.

All these open job opportunities are good news for engineers seeking a new job or the next step on their career path. The sheer number of available options can be overwhelming, too. To advance your career goals and find a workplace that supports your best efforts, you’ll need to focus on what each company offers and the culture it’s built – not just on the technical skill the job demands.

Planning Your 2018 Engineering Career Search

To find the right job for you in a busy market, add these steps to your 2018 job search plans:

  • Consider what makes you happy. What did you enjoy most about your favorite past job? What elements in the workplace culture were common to your favorite past workplaces? Making a list of these elements can help you focus on the employers that provide them – and skip the ones who don’t.
  • Focus your search tools. With so many engineering opportunities on the market, you’ll need a smarter strategy for focusing on the job openings that best fit your needs and goals. Work with a recruiter to identify keywords that fit what you’re looking for and to find resources that offer those positions.
  • Ask for assistance. Your personal and professional networks can help you connect with new opportunities. Working with a staffing firm also gains you an ally who will focus on the job openings that fit your goals and help you position yourself as the ideal candidate.

At SoloPoint Solutions, our recruiters can help you find and pursue some of the best engineering job opportunities in California during the coming year. Contact us today to learn more.