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Don’t Have Time to Look for a New Job? Here’s What to Do

It’s a cruel Catch-22: The workload in your current job is overwhelming, yet you don’t have time to look for a new job because you’re so busy with the workload in your current one.

If this sounds familiar, there is hope. By working with a staffing firm that specializes in connecting engineers with the next step on their career paths, you gain an ally who can help you find the right position while you focus on doing your best work in the current one.

Here’s how a recruiter can help:

Your recruiter saves time by focusing on the jobs that offer the right fit for you.

Applying to positions based on public job postings is always a gamble. You’re investing time and energy into the application without knowing whether this job, team and company are the best fit for your work approach or values. With inside knowledge of many leading companies, however, your recruiter can more easily pinpoint the jobs that offer you the best fit – saving time and effort.

Your recruiter can make communication easier.

Instead of juggling multiple job postings, applications and emails, you reduce the entire process to a single point of contact: your recruiter. Staying “in touch” with the job-search process only requires you to make a single phone call or email, instead of managing a constant stream of applications. Many staffing firms, like SoloPoint, also make use of automated job alerts and similar tools, so you’re the first to know when a promising job posting or other news appears.

Your recruiter keeps your job search “off the record.”

Attempting to search for a new job while meeting the demands of your current job and home life is difficult even when those demands come at a reasonable pace. When you’re pressed for time, seeking a new job can be even more difficult and can result in awkward situations, such as your co-workers or supervisor finding out you’re on the market. When you partner with a recruiter, your recruiter can work on your job search and keep your information confidential, reducing the chances of an awkward situation.

At SoloPoint Solutions, our recruiters can help you connect with some of the best engineering positions and companies available – while you focus on the work you’re already doing. Contact us today to learn more.